Monsters of Film - Stockholm's MONSTERS OF FILM Festival Announces October Line-Up

Stockholm’s MONSTERS OF FILM Festival Announces October Line-Up

Monsters of Film, Stockholm’s festival for horror, sci-fi and fantasy film will soon commence; the event takes place between October 14th and 20th. It will be a wide variety in the line-up, with films, talks, guests, workshops, games, monsters for a younger audience and much much more. Everything in the name of genre and horror!


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Come to Daddy

This year’s line-up consists of over fifty films screened at a total of five cinemas. The festival opens with the SCANDINAVIAN PREMIERE of the off-beat genre-bender Come to Daddy starring Elijah Wood, with an accompanying opening gala.

After that, attendees will see a mixed program of feature and short films from all over the world, where the majority of the films will have their SWEDISH or SCANDINAVIAN premiere. This includes films such as DreamlandAchoura47 Meters Down: Uncaged and the critically acclaimed Freaks.

For the fifth year in a row, they’re hosting a short film competition, where all of the 15 contestants are in the running for our newly established and venerable prize: The Bad Box.

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The Descent


During the festival, organizers will host a number of special screenings, starting the festival with two classics focusing on this year’s theme: Satan – Night of the Demon and Legend.

They will arrange an event screening of the acclaimed The Descent  (2005), and to fit the film’s theme it will be screened in a cave at Delight Studios, inside of Finnberget.

During the festival, they will also have two theme nights, where they’ll show blocks of films thematically programmed. Honoring this year’s theme, they will host “The Devil’s Horror Night”, where we will screen three devilish films in a row: Satanic Panic, Extra Ordinary and Antrum. Their “Grindhouse Night” is making a return, where they’ll show you gory classics all night long. This year’s line-up consists of The Hidden (with an introduction by the director Jack Sholder, on-site in Stockholm), Pieces, Monster in the Closet, and The Satanic Rites of Dracula.

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The festival is visited by a number of international guests. Director Penny Lane and producer Gabriel Sedgwickwill attend to present their documentary Hail Satan?, followed by a talk about the role of the Devil in pop culture.

They are also hosting two Scandinavian premieres with the directors in attendance: the Moroccan Achoura directed by Talal Selhami and the Canadian sci-fi Freaks by the directing duo Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, starring Bruce Dern and Emile Hirsch.

The festival’s Guest of Honor is none other than the cult director Jack Sholder, and we will screen two of his most celebrated films, The Hidden and A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 – Freddy’s RevengeHe will also be part of the panel “Monsters are Queer 2”, an exploration of the queer themes in Freddy’s Revenge. Terror on Elm Street 2, the panel discussion and the documentary Scream, Queen! are all part of the Movie-breakfast on Elm Street.

New this year is a collaboration with Skärisbiografen and a line-up of films and talks, for a younger audience. This includes a short film package on the theme Monsters & identity for first graders and up, Nosferatu with a talk about film history and vampires and ParaNorman with a talk about monsters and being “other”.


Monsters of Film are continuously working to show the audience the width of genre film and horror within our culture, something they highlight in our talks and other activities that are part of the festival. This also includes a workshop in creating sound effects for horror films and an opportunity to try horror role-playing games.

The festival will also offer a number of the festival films (and a few exclusive titles) available for streaming in collaboration with the VOD-platform SF Anytime.


For the third year running they are organizing Monsters on Tour, with screenings of some of the programmed films in both Gothenburg and Malmö at Bio Roy and Biograf Spegeln. For more information, see each cinema’s homepage.
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The festival will keep pushing on as we are hosting an exclusive screening of the highly anticipated The Lighthouse, starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, only for members. Tickets are released on the 1st of November, so it is important that you save your membership card!

More information and a complete program can be found on their homepage: monstersoffilm.se

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Are you attending Monsters of Film in Stockholm next week? Which films or events are you most looking forward to attending? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.

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