Exclusive: DEADLY AVENGER Goes 3D for Record Store Day

Record Store Day is one of the biggest events for music collectors. It’s a time of the year when limited releases hit stores and we have to fend one another off for that never-to-be-released-again variant. Basically, it’s Black Friday for record collectors and damn if it isn’t a hell of a good time!

Today, we want to bring you a pretty awesome bit of news that comes out of the Burning Witches camp: electronic/synth artist Deadly Avenger will be releasing a Godzilla-themed album called Your God is Too Small, the follow-up to the recently released I am Godzilla, You are Japan. To celebrate the upcoming release, we’ve got something really special to show you!

At the top of the article is a 3D anaglyph video directed by Graham Reznick (Shudder’s Deadwax) for the track “Theme for Hoshino”. The video will be included on a download card with the record and you shouldn’t worry because the packaging, done by artist Luke Insect, also includes a 3D insert and, most importantly, 3D glasses.

Record Store Day will be held on Saturday, April 13.

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