Exclusive: Coffin Carousel Rock Your Halloween in “Skull Candy”

Coffin Carousel Skull Candy music video 03 750x422 - Exclusive: Coffin Carousel Rock Your Halloween in "Skull Candy"

We’ve been making a lot of movie suggestions for you this Halloween. However, for those of you who are hosting parties and don’t want to put movies on in the background but would rather have a solid music playlist, this post is for you!

We’ve teamed up with Melbourne, Australia “horror-rock punk doom-pop” outfit Coffin Carousel to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for their track “Skull Candy”! The song comes from the band’s second full-length album Between Death & Dead, which came out October 13th via Eclipse Records.

Singer and director Howard Von Noise tells Dread Central, “Filming Skull Candy was a great experience. I got to develop a short story idea at a great location in Melbourne, Australia called Cabinet of Curiosities, which is a tattoo shop, burlesque school, and recording studio. Madam Dreadful, who acted as one of the surgeons in the music video, runs her burlesque school there and her husband, who has been doing all my latest tattoo work, runs his tattoo studio out of there also. It has all these oddities and spooky bones spread all over the walls which gives it a creepy feel.

We basically just turned up and started filming as all the props were already there. Bringing together the concept of having candy pulled from my skull and a downtown creepy “Sin City-esque” doctor’s surgery was a lot of fun. I had the band’s stage dancers Madam Dreadful and Miss Holly Wouldn’t act out scenes taking blood samples and removing my brains. Again, continuing my obsession with the Toxic Avenger, we featured the green goo that has appeared in previous music videos the band has done. The green goo is essentially colored pudding and tastes really sweet.

Conceiving, directing and also editing the music video was a great challenge to bring all the ideas to life. It was a lot of fun in the end mainly because we captured everything we planned to film and it all worked, considering the budget was low. In the end, we got a great horror-inspired music video with some subtle Tim Burton/Addams Family vibes in there as well as the life-size coffin and our trademark smoky feel.”

You can buy Between Death & Dead via the band’s official website.


Coffin Carousel online:

Tour dates:
Nov 17 – Northcote VIC Australia @ 24 Moons (w/ Shiv-r, Snuff)
Nov 18 – Bendigo, VIC Australia @ MusicMan Megastore (Music Man Moshfest w/ The Eternal & more)
Dec 2 – Sydney NSW Australia @ The Bald Faced Stag (Darkcell’s Psycho Circus w/ Darkcell, Our Last Enemy)

Coffin Carousel band - Exclusive: Coffin Carousel Rock Your Halloween in "Skull Candy"

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