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Vacancy at Bates Motel



Bates Motel coming to the small screenWith everyone and their brother out there trying to redo horror that was already done right the first time, it’s no surprise to me that someone finally got around to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho. At least it’s not the evil folks at Taurus (Creepshow 3, anyone?) this time.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Lionsgate is working with Vertigo Entertainment and Universal Media Studios on a small screen re-imagining of Psycho called “The Bates Motel”. Unfortunately they didn’t learn much else…

1987 saw a TV movie with the same title about a man who had roomed with Norman Bates at the insane asylum inheriting the legendary motel, but something tells me this new series won’t have anything to do with that. At least I hope not.

More details as we dig ‘em up!

Johnny Butane

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