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Platinum Salvages Half to Death Concept



Michael Bay: Serious buisnessFilm Jerk got word that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, which started off strong but has been pretty much nothing but a disappointment since the first Chainsaw remake, has added another “original” script to its roster: Half to Death, which will mark the feature directing debut for Finnish filmmaker Antti Jokinen.

In Half to Death a girl slowly discovers that she’s reliving the same day over and over again; the day starts of normal enough but always ends in her brutal murder. She has to sift through the red herrings all around her to find out who it is that kills her, then somehow stop them, all the while trying to make Andie MacDowell fall in love with her. Wait, wrong movie…

Does the plot sound familiar to you? It should; it’s almost exactly the same as the plot for the Crook Bros. horror film Salvage, in which a girl is forced to live through her brutal death day after day until she finds a way to stop the pattern.

Though I admit it’s a cool concept, one has to wonder if this is a matter of similar ideas, or did Platinum Dunes hear about Salvage and decided to create its own? Perhaps we’ll never know…

Johnny Butane

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