Exclusive First Word and Images: Sexy Nightmare Slayers

If ever there was a time that we wished to be plagued with horrid nightmares brimming with terror, it’s now. That’s right, kids! Turn your lights down low and get ready for a sexy evening of scantily clad women protecting you from ferocious beasts!

Adam Green’s ArieScope Pictures and Comedy Central’s Atom.com have partnered for Sexy Nightmare Slayers, an original digital series about two scantily clad angels from heaven who protect children from the monsters under their beds, the demons in their closet, and a variety of other ghoulish creations that go bump in the night.

The pilot was directed by Adam Green, written by Daniel Beals, and stars two of the lovely ladies behind the infamous Team Unicorn: Rileah Vanderbilt (Frozen, Hatchet, Hatchet II) and Clare Grant (“Masters of Horror”, The Graves).

(Note: The last time you saw those two girls battle with swords was in Adam Green’s Internet sensation Saber, which won two Lucas Film Awards including “Best Action” and the “Audience Choice”.)

It’s no secret that I love doing web videos so when Atom.com approached us to do something, we were very excited to work with them,” Green tells us. “We have come up with something that is kind of like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” meets Evil Dead II. We had total creative control so you’re going to be seeing stories filled with hot chicks, cool monsters, and lots and lots of monster goo.”

Green promises Sexy Monster Slayers will have something for everyone. The pilot episode features Rick McCallum (Hatchet II) as the main creature with stellar effects from Robert Pendergraft and Aunt Dolly’s Garage, and the group has a whole line-up of creatures and adventures planned depending on the reception to the initial outing.

“We could make three more, we could make thirty more,” Green adds. “It depends on how this one does and of course our availability at the time.”

Sexy Nightmare Slayers was created by Adam Green and star Rileah Vanderbilt, and while Green is at the helm of the pilot, he says other directors are in line to take the reins on future episodes.

Watch the first episode exclusively on Comedy Central’s Atom.com starting March 7th.

sns1s - Exclusive First Word and Images: Sexy Nightmare Slayers

snss - Exclusive First Word and Images: Sexy Nightmare Slayers

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