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Horror Comic Preview: Zombies on the Loose in Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead

There can never be too many zombie projects out there, and we make sure to bring you the first word on anything cool (or should we say cold?) that we get to run across. Even if the undead are reaching for us from the pages of a new comic book. Get ready for your first look at Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead.

From the Press Release
All of those fans that have been following artist and Ginger Stein creator Dennis Willman and Jeff Hughes, owner of Comic Book Divas, have been reading about the two giving life to Ginger Stein in the pages of “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” for several months.

Fans of Dennis Willman, Ginger Stein, and Comic Book Divas won’t need to wait much longer as Dennis Willman and Jeff Hughes are launching “Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes”. This will be a special eight-page comic which is going to not only introduce many of the primary characters in the stand-alone issue but will also contain some sketch and artwork.

The comic will feature for the first time many of the primary cast and characters including:

  • “Ginger Stein” (Lorretta Kenyon-Sand)
  • “Mistress Morbid” (Cari Thompson)
  • “Nicole Harmony” (Deneen Melody)
  • “Zoner Zombie” (Jennifer Morales)
  • “Brain Zombie” (Brian Shirley)
  • “Hardy Zombie” (John Hardy)
  • “Asst. D.A. Mark Sully” (Will Schnell Fake Shemp)
  • “Shannon” (Cammy Anderson Fake Shemp)
  • “Apple Zombie/Ginger Snaps” (Apple Angel)

    Also fans of Dennis Willman should also keep in mind that this will be the first paper comic book that the artist has drawn; fans will also note that Dennis Willman is the artist for the Comic Book Diva web comic series “A Life Behind The Mask”, and like the web series readers will not be disappointed.

    “Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” will be available at the SAC Horror Convention with a limited variant cover; the comic will be available at the Dennis Willman table; while at the convention be sure to have the comic signed by not only by Dennis but also some of the cast including Deneen Melody, Shannon Lark, and Apple Angel.
    After the SAC Horror Convention the “Ginger Stein: The Darkness Comes” will be available at Comixpress with the regular cover; this edition will also be very limited.

    Not enough “Ginger” news for you? then stay tuned for the big announcement coming soon about the “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” #1 debut…but that news is for another time very soon!
    Be sure to visit the Comic Book Divas website, follow us on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter for the next big “Ginger” update.”

    “Two months after the outbreak of an ancient necromonic disease in Detroit, Michigan, the US Government is longer able to maintain control of contagion. Panic has slowly gripped the unwitting populace.

    The politicians are unable to decide an effective course of action. The best doctors and scientists have given their very best, only to meet with failure. The virus is 100% communicable and absolutely lethal, infection meaning the end of life as we know it and the reanimation of the corpse left behind. And it is spreading faster with each passing day.

    On the eve of the day that has been predicted to be the end of the world, December 21st 2011, one of the key players in the cover up regarding the living dead is confident he has secured the safety of himself and his mistress from the coming apocalypse. Little does he know that the infected citizens he used to protect have followed him to his remote retreat, and with them they bring the plague to end all plagues.

    And following close behind is the one woman who has the ability to save not only his life, but the lives of every living person on Earth.”

    Enough talk! Check out the naughty little preview below and look for more soon!

    ginger - Horror Comic Preview: Zombies on the Loose in Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead

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