This Bride of Frankenstein-Inspired Photoshoot Is Beautiful and Gory

Universal Studios is currently prepping reboots of its most beloved monster movies, and you better believe that Bride of Frankenstein is on the list. But before the monster’s bride re-animates on the big screen, the fine folks over at photography studio Horrify Me have brought her back to life in their own way.

Check out the beautiful photos below, and find the black & white variants by clicking over to Horrify Me!

From the Press Release:
The award-winning HORRIFY ME studio, based in Kent, UK, has once again created a photo shoot based on an icon of Hollywood horror cinema. Except this shoot is possibly THE most iconic so far. The Bride of Frankenstein should need no introduction to anyone, and Horrify Me’s approach to this shoot has been based on very specific casting, makeup, and of course beautiful vintage Hollywood lighting.

This was approached almost like a dark beauty shoot, but of course, being the work of Horrify Me, the buckets of blood were never too far way. The team just couldn’t resist a bit of gore in a few of the shots, showing the Bride either being disassembled or put together (whichever you prefer).

The biggest question Horrify Me has received is about that hair. Is it a wig? Is there a cardboard tube under there holding it all up? Is it Photoshopped? The answer is simply this: It was all done for real, and that is all her own hair fixed into that difficult style.

The model is Georgia Norton, who is fairly new to modelling but she is clearly a talent to keep an eye on. Rick and Claire Jones are the creative Horrify Me team who put the shoot together.

bride 19

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