Brian Collins’ Horror Movie A Day Now an eBook!


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brian Collins for quite a while now, and I can assure you there are few people more well versed in the horror genre and even fewer who are actually well versed, funny, and entertaining! For over half a decade the man watched and wrote about a Horror Movie A Day without fail, and now you can enjoy his musings in eBook form!

From the Press Release:
Birth.Movies.Death is thrilled to announce the fourth title in its publishing label: Brian W. Collins’ HORROR MOVIE A DAY: THE BOOK. The eBook is available beginning today on Amazon’s Kindle Direct for $4.95.

For over six years, Collins watched and reviewed a different horror movie every single day for his site, Horror Movie A Day. Most of them stunk. With over 2500 reviews on the Horror Movie A Day site, finding the worthwhile titles can be a chore, so Collins has curated a selection of choice films – 365 of them, in fact, one for every day of the year. Each month has a different theme and offers a variety of films within that theme for your viewing enjoyment. Every movie is someone’s favorite movie – perhaps this book will introduce you to yours.

HORROR MOVIE A DAY: THE BOOK follows FilmCritHULK’s SCREENWRITING 101, Evan Saathoff’s MADEA LIVES! and Britt Hayes’ I SHOULD JUST NOT on the Birth.Movies.Death. publishing label, exhibiting BMD’s diverse and talented lineup of writers and content.

Of Collins, Birth.Movies.Death. Editor-in-Chief Devin Faraci says, “It takes a special – and weird – kind of dedication to watch a horror movie a day every single day for six years, but if someone had to do it, I’m glad it was Brian Collins. His knowledge, sense of humor and sheer love for horror make him the ultimate guide through horror films both obscure and obvious.”

“Part of the reason I stopped watching and reviewing movies every day was to work on this book, selecting all of the horror films worth watching and leaving the rest where they belong – on my silly website. If nothing else you should buy the book because it finally offers the black over white text readers have requested for nearly a decade,” says Collins.

HORROR MOVIE A DAY: THE BOOK is available for $4.95 through Amazon’s Kindle Direct. It features 365 horror film recommendations, one for every day of the year, as well as a foreword by MY BLOODY VALENTINE, DRIVE ANGRY, THE MESSENGERS and JASON X writer Todd Farmer and art from a variety of artists, including JB Sapienza, Nathan Chesshir, Eric Shonborn, Joe Badon and Jacopo Tenani. The cover art is by JB Sapienza.

You can pick up your copy HERE.

Horror Movie A Day - Brian Collins' Horror Movie A Day Now an eBook!

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