Trailer and Poster Express Anger of the Dead


For many horror fans, the first introduction to controversial German filmmaker Uwe Boll came in the form of 2003’s House of the Dead, considered one of the worst zombie movies ever made. Boll returns to the world of the undead with Anger of the Dead (review), which he produced.

On tap today is the trailer and a new piece of poster art, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.

Written and directed by Francesco Picone, Anger of the Dead stars Aaron Stielstra, Marius Bizau, Désirée Giorgetti, Michael Segal, Roberta Sparta, David White, Claudio Camilli, and Chiara Paoli.

Anger of the Dead comes to limited NY and LA theaters and digital platforms on January 8th, followed by a DVD release on February 2nd.

In a world ravaged by a virus that turns people into cannibals, a pregnant woman (Alice) manages to survive. Alice, in the company of two other men, strives to reach an island untouched by the plague. Meanwhile, a dangerous individual is on the trail of a mysterious girl, which causes Alice to realize that the zombies are not her biggest and only threat.

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