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Hell Night


10 Horror Movie Pranks Gone Wrong!

With Halloween approaching, the most common phrase we’ll all be hearing will be “Trick or Treat”. We often forget about the “trick” part of the phrase, which is a (generally idle) threat to any Halloween Grinches out there that failure to deliver a treat will result in some pranks on them.

Often coinciding with Halloween is an unofficial holiday known as “Mischief Night.” On this night, kids will play pranks all over their neighborhoods, including toilet papering yards and egging cars. There have even been a couple recent horror movies named after Mischief Night. Pranks are tied in with Halloween almost as much as candy and horror movies, and so many horror movies have involved pranks. Sounds like a great idea for a list!

Here are 10 horror movies that involved pranks gone wrong!

1) The Burning

the burning - 10 Horror Movie Pranks Gone Wrong!

What better location for some pranks than summer camp? With a bunch of adolescent boys running around, there’s sure to be plenty of fooling around. Of course, it’s all fun and games until some kids set the camp janitor on fire! Of course, ol’ Cropsey isn’t just going to sit back and do nothing after a prank involving a skull with candles inside it causes him to catch fire. Those kids on the raft sure learned that the hard way.

2) April Fool’s Day

april fools day movie boat accident - 10 Horror Movie Pranks Gone Wrong!

This entry is a bit unfair because of the ending, but you can’t have a “pranks in horror movies” list and not include the movie that took the whole prank idea all the way to the end. Some kids head to their friend’s private island, where there are not only pranks but also kills! The ending is the ultimate prank on the audience, but also kind of a cop-out. Still one of the more entertaining 80s slashers!

3) Hell Night

hellnight - 10 Horror Movie Pranks Gone Wrong!

A tried and true formula: You have to spend the night in the local haunted house. For the pledges of Alpha Sigma Rho, that’s their goal if they want in the fraternity! Sounds easy enough, right? Well, unfortunately for them, the frat members have rigged Garth Manor with all kinds of scares and pranks. Also, there are two deformed brothers killing everyone who goes in there. Bummer! Fun fact: This was the last movie produced by Compass International Pictures, which also produced Halloween.

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