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10 Great Home Invasion Thrillers!

In Eli Roth’s Knock Knock, Keanu Reeves gets a visit from two innocent-looking young women and winds up becoming part of a very twisted game. With the movie hitting VOD this week, it’s the perfect time to revisit some of the greatest “home invasion” movies from years past!

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10. The Purge

Set in a future in which America is a totalitarian police state, The Purge takes place on the one night each year in which all crime is legal and no law enforcement or emergency services are available. While somewhat cliche’d and perhaps even a tad predictable, The Purge took the home invasion concept and used it to make an intelligent political statement. A better-received sequel followed in 2014, and a third film is in the works, making this one of horror’s new franchises.

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9. Kidnapped

An underrated gem, Kidnapped follows a rather standard invasion formula but uses some interesting technological approaches to turn a familiar story into a terrifying film. As the movie progresses, a split-screen effect materializes which heightens the suspense by showing the panic of the killers and the victims. Don’t expect any good feelings after watching. With one of the bleakest endings in movie history, this one will leave you feeling stunned for some time after it’s all over.

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8. You’re Next

With You’re Next, the duo of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett managed to make a home invasion movie thrilling, but also humorous. A great mix of gore and black humor, this film turns the home invasion angle on its head, turning the would-be assailants into the victims of one deadly heroine. You’re Next also merges the home invasion thriller with a dysfunctional family comedy in one of the past few years’ more twisted horror films.

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