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Top 7 Horror Movies with Feeling

We typically watch horror movies for that adrenaline rush, that feeling of vulnerability that makes us hide behind a blanket or for that feeling we get when we have to walk down the hall to our bedrooms, only to switch on every light in the house before we do.

Horror movies are usually not known for making you sad, but there are some that have certain scenes in them that make us tear up, make our heart strings pull a little, and sometimes make those sad feelings come out of nowhere.  Yes, it’s a rarity, but it has happened within the realm of horror; and if done well, it will release an entirety of solid emotions.

So let’s let our emotions flow for a bit with some of those horror movies that give us not only what we crave in horror, but a bit more in the form of a tear or two.

the mist ending - Top 7 Horror Movies with Feeling

Cujo (1983)

I’m just a sucker for any animal. I love them all, especially dogs. I’m sure Cujo was once a sweet dog, but with rabies comes a bad attitude. And the sad thing is the dog can’t help it and can’t be helped, which makes for an upsetting ending to a dog’s life. Then you have Dee Wallace’s character as the mother of this little child who is dehydrated and sick and are both stuck in this car that they can’t get out of because of the dog, and that just brings a bunch of feelings of frustration. The thing that got to me, though, isn’t the death of Cujo at the end, but the moment her son comes to again and the look on Dee Wallace’s face when she walks outside of the house carrying her son in her arms and sees her husband. That sheer moment of relief, knowing it’s over, and seeing her knees start to buckle is what really gives me the feels for this movie.

King Kong (1976)

Once again it’s a furry creature we’re sad for. The love that King Kong and Jessica Lange’s character had for each other was so obvious, and by now in the movie you yourself are in love with King Kong. That moment he puts her down you knew the end was coming and it was going to be a sad one. As the bullets start to fly, you too want to scream out “NO!” But it’s too late; he’s been hit too many times, and now as he falls and as his heart beats one last time and he breathes in his last breath, you can’t help but shed a tear.

Pet Sematary (1989)

The death of Gage was the most horrible thing I’ve seen in a horror movie. The death of a child is in itself something that is horrible, but the death of a child in such a violent manner and in front of his parents is something that just pulled at my heart strings. The mourning that the mother and especially the father went through in this movie was one of nightmares, so bad the father brings back his son again, to only have to kill him and witness his death once again. That right there is some really sad stuff of horror.

The Good Son (1993)

Yes, Macaulay Culkin’s character was a little shit, but he was still a kid. Can you imagine having to choose between your own son and someone else’s? It would be horrible, and no one should have to choose that ever, but in this case it was probably better that the mother chose the way she did.

I Am Legend (2007)

There are a few sad scenes in this movie, and it starts with his wife and child dying at the beginning. Then, just the mere fact that Will Smith’s character is now alone with his dog, Sam, in a world full of vampires is even sadder, but when Will has to kill his one and only friend in the world, I lost it.

Carrie (1976)

This girl’s entire life is sad. Not only is her mother a kook, but she is horribly made fun of by bullies at school. The scene where Sissy Spacek gets pig blood poured on her in front of the entire school after having her one moment of happiness in her life is one of the saddest scenes is a horror movie ever. The look on her face says it all. Thank God for her telekinetic powers, though; that right there gives us happiness where a sad feeling once was.

The Mist (2007)

To think you are out of options and instead of having a giant creature rip your family apart, you choose to take them out yourself, only to run out of bullets and be saved in the end. Yep, that’s some fucked up feeling right there, and it’s sad. I can’t imagine what was going on in Thomas Jane’s character’s mind at that point, but I’m pretty sure his face says it all in the end.

So there you have it, and if you’ve watched all of the above clips, I’m sure by now you’re feeling a bit sad, but don’t fret. Just go put in your favorite revenge movie, and you’ll feel better in no time!  Let us know your favorite horror movies that have given you the “feels” in the comments section below.

Written by Trisha Chambers

Wife, Mother, horror movie junkie, writer, blogger, and all around goofball! Will work for Martini's and Pizza.

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