New Free-To-Play Game The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Available Now

A new free-to-play Walking Dead mobile game has launched. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival was developed by Scopely in collaboration with series creator Robert Kirkman himself, who had the following to say…

“Working with the Scopely team, we’ve had the unique opportunity to translate The Walking Dead story into a deeply interactive and engaging mobile experience. The game design, the aesthetic, the tone and the writing have all come together in an authentic way that we know Walking Dead fans will love.”

Throughout the game, the player will be able to make decisions which will have major consequences on the narrative. Along the way they’ll also engage in tactical elements such as fortifying their compounds and joining forces with other survivors, whilst also encountering familiar characters from the games.

Everything about the game will let players really feel as though they are stepping into the world of The Walking Dead, as Scopely CEO Walter Driver explains:

“We are honored to collaborate with Robert Kirkman and Skybound to create an authentic The Walking Dead experience for fans and mobile players everywhere. Together, we’re taking gamers on an engrossing tale of survival. This game exemplifies our mission to partner with well-loved, exciting IPs that have worldwide passionate fan bases and create highly immersive, rich experiences that delight those audiences on mobile.”

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival can be purchased free for iOS here and for Android here.

Learn more from at the game’s official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.



the walking dead road to survival - New Free-To-Play Game The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Available Now

Written by David Gelmini

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