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NSFW: Sex Kills – Best Killer Sex in Horror

Sex plays a big part in most horror movies, and it goes with the territory. A couple having sex in a horror movie is more likely to get whacked than, let’s say, the virgin. Seems a little unfair though, doesn’t it? Just when you’re having a good time, BAM!

Randy from Scream‘s first rule of horror movies (Scream 1996): “You can never have sex… big no-no, sex equals death.” But nobody follows this rule in horror movies, nor do they in real life. Everybody loves sex and nobody knows when they’re going to die, right? So why wouldn’t you indulge in a little nookie?

Sex and horror… they’re fascinating and we love them, but we love it even more when they literally go together. So here are 7 of my favorite “Sex Kills” scenes from horror movies and one not quite horror movie.

species sex - NSFW: Sex Kills - Best Killer Sex in Horror

Friday The 13th Part II (1981) – Jeff & Sandra’s Death

The killing of these two just proves that Jason was still pissed off at those horny camp counselors for not paying attention.

Society (1989) – Orgy Death Scene

This movie shows how the elite feed off the poor. It’s one big orgy feast… literally, and you learn what a “butt head” really looks like.

Evil Dead (1981) – Cheryl Gets Raped by a Tree

This scene is brilliant, yet disturbing. It’s a strange way to inject a demon into one’s body if you ask me, but it works.

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Written by Trisha Chambers

Wife, Mother, horror movie junkie, writer, blogger, and all around goofball! Will work for Martini's and Pizza.


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