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10 Horror Films That Need a Remake

Warning Sign (1985)

This is a largely forgotten about sci-fi/action/horror flick from the mid-1980s about a top secret government facility being locked down after an experimental virus gets loose. The cure is of course inside the facility, and so are the scientists who are infected with a rage-like pathogen. Warning Sign needs a facelift to update the technology and the special effects. Solid movie, though.

Remade Warning Sign - 10 Horror Films That Need a Remake

Blood Beach (1980)

The argument could be made that Blood Beach was already remade and called Tremors, but I think a more faithful remake is in order. Blood Beach is about a creature that lives at the beach and sucks people under the sand and eats them. It’s got a killer poster and some great taglines including, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water—you can’t get to it,” and “…where the water is the safest place to be!” This fun flick definitely needs a remake in the special effects and story departments.

Remade Blood Beach - 10 Horror Films That Need a Remake

Galaxy of Terror (1981)

Arguably one of Roger Corman’s best sci-fi/horror films, this one features a wacky cast and some of the most bizarre death scenes you’ll see. But Galaxy of Terror wallows around in its own cheesiness. With some script changes this film could be downright terrifying.

Remade Galaxy Terror - 10 Horror Films That Need a Remake

Fade to Black (1980)

A lonely outcast who is also an unhinged movie geek decides to exact cinematic-style revenge on those who have crossed him. Remake this film with more modern day horror films as the killer’s inspirations, and you’ve got a winner. This is a creepy, effective movie that just feels outdated now.

Remade Fade Black2 - 10 Horror Films That Need a Remake

Which movies do you think need to be remade? Anything on this list piss you off? I want to hear from you all!!

Written by Scott Shoyer

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