Top 10 Horror Movies on Hulu You Need to Watch Right Now

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There were a few different approaches I could have taken for compiling a list of the best horror films on Hulu. After a bit of thought, I opted to go the less obvious route. I didn’t necessarily put together a definitive ranking of the most cinematically perfect horror movies on Hulu. That may have been interesting. But my aim here was to help our readers who are endlessly scrolling through Hulu find something to watch. So, here are my top 10 horror movies on Hulu!

My goal here is to shine the spotlight on some new and noteworthy titles that you may have missed with a couple of classics thrown in for good measure. I intentionally excluded films like Parasite because it’s coming off a series of Oscar wins. And, as such, I suspect that if you don’t already own it, Parasite is probably on your radar.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best horror films to watch on Hulu right now!


I think Southbound may be one of the most underrated anthologies of all time. I don’t mean to say that it hasn’t been given its due from critics. The film was met with quite a bit of acclaim upon its release. But it’s not a movie that I hear come up in conversation very often. And that’s a shame because it is a truly fantastic flick. The connective tissue that strings the segments together is impressive, to say the least. And each of the vignettes feels like it has feature potential. I cannot recommend this flick highly enough. If you haven’t seen it, please consider giving it a look.

Mom and Dad

Going into Mom and Dad, I was curious about the concept of filicide (parents killing their offspring) being explored as a central theme. It’s an idea that hasn’t been done over and over, which seemed promising. But my big concern was Nick Cage. He’s kind of a wild card. He is amazing in Mandy and some of his earlier work is truly spectacular. So, we know he has the chops. But the question for me was if director Brian Taylor (of the filmmaking duo Neveldine and Taylor) would be able to get a believable and appropriate (for the material) performance out of Cage. Fortunately, the flick leans into camp and Cage’s performance is pitch-perfect. Taylor plays to Cage’s strengths as the film’s scribe and, as a director, really gives the actor space to get a little crazy. I had so much fun with this picture, this is definitely one of my top 10 horror movies on Hulu!

Anna and the Apocalypse

If you haven’t made time to watch this whimsical and sometimes brutal flick, I highly suggest giving it a chance. It’s hard to get a horror musical right. And that’s probably one of the reasons we don’t see more of them. However, Anna and the Apocalypsereally succeeds on a number of levels: It’s witty; the music is great, and it’s very ‘outside the box’. Moreover, it’s set at Christmastime, so it makes for an enjoyable holiday viewing experience. 


Crawl pulled in a respectable $39 million at the box office with a budget that was roughly a third of that amount. But I still encounter horror-loving folk that haven’t seen this one. And that’s a shame. The film is far better than it should be, seeing as how the concept looks a little hokey on paper. Giant alligators invading the crawlspace under a man’s home doesn’t necessarily seem like the recipe for a heartfelt and suspenseful good time at the movies. But that is exactly what Crawl is. If you have slept on this one, do yourself a favor and check it out on Hulu.  100% one of the top 10 horror movies on Hulu, bar none.

Let the Right One In

I tried to (mostly) stay away from better known films. But this is one that I never tire of revisiting. If you haven’t seen it in a while, do yourself a favor and re-watch this 2008 tale of a young boy befriending a vampire. And if you have somehow overlooked this Swedish gem, please consider making haste to rectify that. I can’t imagine that you will be disappointed.

Stir of Echoes

Stir of Echoes should have probably just been called Not the Sixth. It came out about a month after The Sixth Sense and the film has lived in the shadow of that M. Night Shyamalan thriller for far too long. Stir of Echoes brought in just a fraction of what The Sixth Sense did at the domestic box office. But it is every bit as noteworthy. This is one of my favorite films to put on for a spooky night in. I light the fire, turn off all the lights in the house and allow myself to descend into madness alongside Tom (Kevin Bacon) as he attempts to uncover the details surrounding a brutal and twisted mystery.  

Digging Up the Marrow

When filmmaker Adam Green comes to mind, people often think of the Hatchet series. And I dig the Hatchet films. But there is more to Green than the Victor Crowley flicks. I think Frozen (which is not on Hulu) and Digging Up the Marrow (which is on Hulu) are among his best work. Digging Up the Marrow features a sincere and surprising performance from veteran character actor Ray Wise (as an eccentric man with a genuine belief in the existence of monsters) and an equally compelling performance from Green (playing a fictionalized version of himself). This mock-documentary is heartfelt and thrilling. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something a little different.  

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Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a bold and visceral look at immigration in the US and the allure of the American Dream. The film delivers well-developed characters and features top-notch performances. Director and cowriter Gigi Saul Guerrero is an up-and-comer who should absolutely be on your radar. I cannot wait to see what she gifts us with next.

Goodnight Mommy

This German film got a bit of (well-deserved) buzz on its initial release. But I think it is still every bit as buzzworthy as it was upon its stateside debut in 2015. Just thinking about it wants to make me go back and watch it again to look for details that I missed the first time around. Goodnight Mommy is clever, dark, and highly enjoyable. This flick really managed to get under my skin. And it is well worth a look if you haven’t had the chance to check it out.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

With the Christmas season upon us, I couldn’t resist including this underseen Finnish horror film. It is delightfully dark, funny, and a little shocking at times. Fans of holiday horror should make haste to check out this unconventional take on Santa Claus and his elves.

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