What To Watch After Yellowjackets’ Season Finale


I’m stressed about the season finale of Yellowjackets. I know we’re getting a second season but I need to have TV shows in the meantime. Specifically, shows that hit all of the notes this one does. I hopped onto Google to find such shows and found out that there aren’t any. Stranded teen cannibal survival horror mysteries are a very niche market even before you add all of the other layers. While very few shows met most of my searches, a few did give me hope that they would help me fill this impending show hole. I present to this list of shows I plan to binge while waiting for season two of Yellowjackets.

The Wilds (2020)

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

This show follows a group of young women stranded on an island after a plane crash and boasts that there will be a huge twist. It has been on my list forever, and so many friends have told me I’d like it, that I’d feel like this impending show hole might be the time to hit play. Because it was picked up for a second season there might even be less of a wait if this turns out to be as good as I think it will. In all honesty, this is probably the show that will come the closest to making me feel as alive as Yellowjackets did.

Dead Set (2008)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

A zombie outbreak occurs while filming a reality show, but the isolated contestants have no idea what’s going on outside of their house. I wasn’t sure why this popped up in my research but put it into my queue the second I read the description. They had me at “British horror comedy-drama miniseries written by Charlie Brooker.” This show might be the furthest away from everything I set my Google searches to when looking for my next show. Will it matter if it’s as dark as Brooker’s Black Mirror though? Absolutely not.

The Girl In The Woods (2021)

Where You Can Watch: Peacock

A young girl escapes her cultish colony and heads into the world beyond. This show has been on my radar but I haven’t committed. I knew I would try it out eventually because Misha Osherovich is part of the cast and they have never led me wrong before. It looks a little more fantasy than I would typically go but it also looks like it intersects with Yellowjackets at the crossroads of kids gone rogue and “that looks dangerous.” Episodes are also only a half-hour so I’ve got the time now that Yellowjackets is ending.

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Panic (2021)

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

Every summer in Carp, Texas graduating seniors must play a deadly game if they want to escape. This sounds more like a Hunger Games: All-Stars Edition than what I set out for originally but…I’m not not going to watch it. As someone who was stranded in a small Texas town for grad school, I can guarantee this has the potential to be the scariest show on the list. Like, I might have to watch with the lights on and phone a friend. I will gladly battle cannibal soccer players over a haboob and my thoughts are with all of these Texas characters.

The Society (2019)

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime

Teens band together and create their own society when everyone else in their small town vanishes. I repeat, everyone but the youth have disappeared from this series and they are left to their own devices. This drama, mystery, sci-fi looks like it’s going to be a dark and twisty ride for the young adults to be fair, I have probably turned 25 too many times to be as excited as I am for this one. It’s probably in my top three from this list of shows I’d like to dive into today though. However, I will wait until after the Yellowjackets season finale and the appropriate amount of show hole days have passed. Then it’s on! 

Tabula Rasa

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

A woman with amnesia is the key to a missing person’s case. This show looks like the creepy nightmare fuel I came here for. Head and faces being opened and distorted make up almost all of the images I found while researching. I feel like I’m not ready for this journey so, of course, I have to take it. Fans seem very excited about this nine-episode series and instructed me to binge it ASAP. Critics claim that it’s a slow burn but I’ve got the time. I love an unreliable protagonist so this might end up being one of my future favorites. 

While nothing may ever truly capture the wheelhouse of emotions that is Yellowjackets, I think these shows will keep us entertained while waiting for the second season. Let us hope that next year will pack even more women-led drama, survival horror, mysteries that are so good we almost miss gathering around water coolers at work. 

You can watch my reactions to these shows as I try them out at @misssharai. You can also let me know (without spoilers) if you already have a favorite on the list.



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