World Premiere! DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Case File #5 – “The Alien Ranch”

Since we’ve devoted our first four investigations to serial killers, creepy disappearances, unseen stalkers, and terrifying ghost children, it’s time to turn our attention skyward – to one of the most bizarre and baffling alien mysteries of the 21st century.

At first glance, Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona seems like the ideal home for a retirement-age couple seeking a cozy escape from big-city life… a four-bedroom house, nestled within ten acres of scenic Rainbow Valley, with a corral full of rescued horses.

So why are the property’s current owners, John and Joyce Edmonds, so desperate to sell?

The short answer is pretty straightforward: for years, John has been trying to convince the world – via his own writings, social media posts, and guest appearances on shows like Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures – that the ranch is under constant attack by extraterrestrial invaders, whom be believes have established “portals” in the area, enabling them to come and go at will.

It was through one of these portals, he claims, that Joyce Edmonds was nearly abducted… but her well-armed husband apparently saved her in the nick of time.

It’s only one of numerous mind-bending details relayed by John Edmonds, whose case began with a real estate posting a few years ago, then evolved into a hallucinatory tale of home invasion, swordfights, bullets and blood – which apparently is still going on today.

We’re not making this up, either! Those are just the details of the case, as related through multiple sources. Watch today’s new episode of Dread: The Unsolved above this article, and from there you’ll have to decide for yourself what the hell’s going down at the Stardust Ranch…

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