Cover art:reviews/charlas.jpgWritten by Alexander Beresford Published by Black Bed Sheet Books Any book that begins with the sentence "She'd always hated her daughter" is sure to suck in readers and make them want more. Charla by Alexander Beresford did just that, and

Source Name:AullidosSource Url:http://www.aullidos.com/leer_noticias.asp?id_noticia=16423Post Thumb:/may12/posss.jpgSeriously, this dude is pissed. We're talking like three seconds away from taking his kippah and shoving it down some poor schmuck's throat before strangling him with his tallit. Yep, it's another still from Lionsgate's The Possession. The

Source Name:FEARnetSource Url:http://www.fearnet.comPost Thumb:/studios/fearnet.jpgSitting around waiting for something horror related to happen today that's insanely cool? Well then, how about you take us up on the chance to chat with the cast of FEARnet's hit sitcom "Holliston?" Read on for

Post Thumb:/jul12/marsattackss.jpgFor us old-school horror/sci-fi fanatics out there, Mars Attacks was one of the coolest and goriest properties we've ever seen! And, no we're not talking about the Tim Burton movie. We're talking about a new book from Abrams ComicArts to

Source Name:EWSource Url:http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/07/30/derek-webster/Post Thumb:/jun12/revolutionthumb.jpgWith a resume that goes all the way back to the 90's in such films as Independence Day and Godzilla, Derek Webster has definitely paid his dues. Next up for him is a recurring role in NBC's