Post Thumb:/apr11/rots.jpgGallery Image:'/apr11/rot1', '/apr11/rot2', '/apr11/rot3', '/apr11/rot4', As the wave of zombie appreciation continues to ebb and flow, fans have already begun their search for the next phase of undead stories. The “siege” mentality (“They’re at the door trying to break

Source Name:Cardinal DesignsSource Url:http://lancecardinal.blogspot.com/2011/03/evil-dead-cabin-model.htmlPost Thumb:/apr11/edhts.jpgEver wanted to have your very own cabin in the woods? Not a nice one, mind you, but one that's stained with the gallons of blood shed by the many victims of evil Candarian demons? Yeah,

Post Thumb:/apr11/clicks.jpgSeriously don't do it. The consequences could be awful. You may end up victims of some form of curse. Really. Not playing here. Don't Click. We don't know how much clearer we can be. Please, for your own safety

Source Name:WTF ComcastSource Url:http://wtfcomcast.tumblr.com/Post Thumb:/apr11/comcasts.jpgYou know over the years cable providers have made some, shall we say, odd choices. They go about their weirdness making their way through the world thinking nobody even notices what they're doing. Case in point

Source Name:The Hollywood ReporterSource Url:http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/dylan-mcdermott-joins-ryan-murphys-181924Post Thumb:/apr11/dylanm.jpgMore casting news coming in for the highly anticipated FX pilot series, "American Horror Story". After climbing Hamburger Hill this should be nothing more than a cake walk for the latest seasoned actor to join

Source Name:"The Vampire Diaries" on The CWSource Url:http://www.cwtv.com/shows/the-vampire-diariesPost Thumb:/apr11/VD221thumb.jpgGallery Image:'/apr11/VD221a','/apr11/VD221b','/apr11/VD221c','/apr11/VD221d','/apr11/VD221e','/apr11/VD221f','/apr11/VD221g','/apr11/VD221h','/apr11/VD221i','/apr11/VD221j'Yep, it's that time again. Time for us to remind those of you not watching "The Vampire Diaries" that you're missing out on one of the best, most unpredictable genre shows

Source Name:The Hunger Games on FacebookSource Url:http://www.facebook.com/thehungergamesmovie?sk=app_153235154741250Post Thumb:/apr11/newtribs.jpgSome more quick casting news coming in this afternoon for Lionsgate's adaptation of The Hunger Games. More "Tributes" have been added to the ever expanding cast and we've got the skinny on just