Thomas Jane seems dead set on forging himself a place in horror history, and that's just fine with us as we are big fans. On his next film, Dark Country, which is being shot in 3D, he'll be pulling double-duty

Oh, it's true! It's damn true! Someone really made a serial killer movie that has Olympic gold medal winning amateur wrestler turned world champion professional wrestler Kurt Angle as stalking a sexy ex-Survivor contestant and it's title is End Game. Directed,

Amidst all the hoopla concerning the more-bizarre-looking-by-the-day sequel to Halloween, Zombie took a few moments recently to talk one of his other projects - the ever elusive T-Rex. Rob spoke to MTV Movies Blog about the flick and guess what? It's

In some shockingly sad news "Angel"'s Andy Hallett has passed away due to heart disease at the much too young age of just 33. Hallett played everyone's favorite singing green-skinned demon Lorne on the show. The actor passed away at