Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Nic Rhind, Robyn Ledoux, Russell Ferrier, Sharron Bertchilde, Marina Pasquua Written & Directed by Jonas Quastel Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment Jonas Quastel's Scourge is one of those body-jumping monster movies where a parasitic creature infects someone,

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Barry Ratcliffe, Eliza Swenson, Cory Knauf, Tasha Dixon, Larry Laverty, Julia Bindi, Stephanie Basco Directed by Veronica Craven So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was fine. Being from the Deep South, I enjoyed some fine gumbo in lieu

All right, the day for feasting has finally come! Time to gather with friends, family or random strangers and attempt to eat your own body weight in dead bird! Ah, America, where we celebrate kicking the collective ass of an