Reviwed by Johnny Butane Written by Christopher Golden & Mike Mignola Published by Spectra/Bantam Dell Christopher Golden, as an author, is a hard man to pin down into one particular genre. Throughout his relatively short career he’s done outright horror (The Shadow Saga),

All right, I know it’s not exactly breaking news, but it is the first time I’ve read anything about a new Friday the 13th movie in quite a while so I thought you guys would dig it. In a Variety

Well the son of one any way. This August 3rd lucky West Coasters (I'll be joining you fuckers soon) will get the opportunity to check out the newest film from Lamberto Bava, The Ghost Son, which stars among others Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni

MTV.com got their hands on the Comic-Con exclusive trailer for Adam Green's much anticipated film Hatchet (review here), and if this doesn't get you excited, I honestly don't know what will. Check out the goodness by clicking on the

Ya gotta love the Interwebz! It's a seriously complex series of tubes that has changed our lives forever! For instance, just ten years ago when you saw the trailer for a movie you were stoked about, you'd call your buds

Anyone who’s ever been serious about reading horror fiction should know the name Craig Spector. Together with John Skipp he helped create some of the best of what was then known as “Splatter Punk” fiction: Light at the End, The

Our site and plenty of others have been keeping genre fans updated on all the latest from original Saw director James Wan ("Exclusive Death Sentence Images" – July 2007), but news about the next project from the star of that