Starring Roark Critchlow, Jessica Lancaster, Osman Soykut, Kimberly Pfeffer, Tim Murphy, Katie Adams, Elina Madison Directed by Charles Band Charles Band's newest flick, Petrified, was released this past week with about as little fanfare as humanly possible. This one really flew in

Starring Eric Mabius, Charisma Carpenter, Jeffery Combs, Rik Young, John Amos Directed by Kevin VanHook Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment This is my first run-in with prolific Sci-Fi Channel original filmmaker Kevin VanHook, and I wish it could say it was well worth

Starring Agnes Bruckner, Lauren Birkell, Rachel Nichols, Patricia Clarkson, Bruce Campbell, Emma Campbell Directed by Lucky McKee Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment The Woods is a film I'd been hearing about seemingly forever and was really looking forward to seeing. This

Starring Darian Caine, Brian Heffron, Todd Humes, Len Kabasinski Directed by Len Kabasinski Len Kabasinski makes BAD movies. I absolutely hated his first cinematic undertaking, Swamp Zombies. It was the quintessential "do it yourself" zombie film, a.k.a. DIYZ. During the all-too-long running

Lucha libre has become increasingly popular within the realm of pop culture in recent years. Most Mexican wrestlers are famous for wearing colorful masks, so it seems only natural that one of these masked luchadors would finally go all psycho