Post Thumb:/may11/bsidess.jpgBill Rebane’s The Capture of Bigfoot makes a highly unlikely second appearance in the B-Sides with its folk rock opening number that serves as a stern reminder that every living creature has its place in this world – including

Post Thumb:/may11/bsidess.jpgYou kids can keep your Hotel Transylvania; most horrorphiles would rather hang out in a nightclub with Vincent Price, John Carradine, and Donald Pleasence telling ghoulish tales and listening to kooky music. Welcome to The Monster Club where monsters

Post Thumb:/may11/bsidess.jpgFew people would even know of Pod People, AKA Extraterrestrial Visitors, AKA Los Nuevos Extraterrestres had it not been famously featured on “Mystery Science Theater 3000". If you’ve ever seen that episode of MST3K, then you already know you’re