Another Clip and the First Images from The Walking Dead Episode 4.12 - Still

In next week's Episode 4.12 of "The Walking Dead," entitled "Still," we return to Daryl and Beth's storyline, at least for a portion of the ep, as evidenced by this second clip and pair of photos focusing on the dynamic duo portrayed by Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney.

See a Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 4.12 - Still: Go Inside Episode 4.11 - Claimed

It's that special time when before we have to focus on returning to work Monday morning, we get to go "inside" the episode of "The Walking Dead" we just watched. Along with that and a making-of video for Ep. 4.11, "Claimed," we also have a sneak peek of the upcoming Ep. 4.12, "Still."

Exclusive Buck Wild Clip Finds the Only Way Out

The last time we checked in on Tyler Glodt's zom-com, there was a new trailer for it. Today we're ready to help get you through your Hump Day with an exclusive clip that will make you go Buck Wild!

Another Clip and the First Images from The Walking Dead Episode 4.11 - Claimed

It's Monday, which means a lot of our headlines involve a certain zombie-themed show that happens to be the most popular thing on TV right now. Of course it's "The Walking Dead," and up next are the first photos of next week's Episode 4.11, "Claimed," along with another sneak peek.

See a Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 4.11 - Claimed; Go Inside Episode 4.10 - Inmates

Well, we've caught up with a few more members of "The Walking Dead," and now it's time to look ahead to next week's Episode 4.11, "Claimed." Things moving too quickly for you? Then slow down with this look back at the making of the just concluded Episode 4.10, "Inmates."

Ken Foree Back in the Zone for Wrath of the Dead

There are few things finer in life than watching Ken Foree kick zombie ass. That's exactly what we're getting, too, when the sequel to Zone of the Dead, entitled Wrath of the Dead, finally comes our way! Read on for artwork, production stills, and more.

See a Bit of New Footage in this Promo for The Walking Dead Episode 4.10 - Inmates

Another preview of "The Walking Dead" Episode 4.10, entitled "Inmates," has popped up on YouTube via the Fox LA affiliate, and since it shows off a bit of additional footage from the ep, we thought we'd share.

Can Humanity Survive the Latest Dying Light Video?

The latest video for the upcoming game Dying Light has arrived, and it finds humanity at the brink of extinction at the hands of zombies... but have you ever wondered just who the zombies were before they turned? Check it out!

First Pair of Images and Another Clip from The Walking Dead Episode 4.10 - Inmates

After spending last night exclusively with Rick, Carl, and Michonne, in next week's Episode 4.10 of "The Walking Dead," entitled "Inmates," it's time to see what's up with some of the other survivors. As these new photos reveal, the ep will include updates on Maggie and Daryl.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Full Set of Peter Clines' Four-Book Ex-Heroes Series

Peter Clines kicked off his four-book Ex- series back in February of 2010 with Ex-Heroes and ended it this past January with Ex-Purgatory. Novels Ex-Patriots and Ex-Communication came in-between...

Stacy Keach Rings Up a Part in Cell; See the First Pictures from the Set

The cast of Benaroya Pictures' now filming adaptation of Stephen King's Cell just gets better and better. Joining the recently announced Isabelle Fuhrman is Stacy Keach. As a bonus, here are some photos from the set.

See a Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 4.10 - Inmates; Go Inside Episode 4.09 - After

The second half of "The Walking Dead" Season 4 is off and running, and we're already looking ahead to next week's Episode 4.10, "Inmates." What about you? Here to whet your appetite is a sneak peek along with a quick look back at the making of the just concluded Episode 4.09, "After."

The Best Zombie-Themed Engagement Photo Shoot Ever

With "The Walking Dead" returning this Sunday with Ep. 4.09, "After," we thought it was a good time to see how zombie fans have incorporated the genre into their lives. Case in point: When this lovely couple planned their engagement photo shoot, they decided on a memorable narrative with a better emotional hook than a lot of the TV shows and movies out there.

See 4 Seasons of The Walking Dead in 4 Minutes

To get you ready for the Sunday return of "The Walking Dead" with Episode 4.09, "After," a YouTuber has put together a pretty neat and concise video to bring you back up-to-speed on everything that's happened thus far! Check it out!

Robert Kirkman Talks New Characters in The Walking Dead, a Different Tone, that Radio Signal, and More!

Just a few more days, and "The Walking Dead" will be back! What can we expect? Robert Kirkman sheds some light on where our survivors are and what challenges they'll face as well as what new characters they'll meet.