New Xombie Comic Cover!

Just got the following image from the folks behind Xombie, which is one of the covers Devil’s Due is working on for their upcoming comic series based on Jamie Farr’s badass online series. With the recently published graphic novel Xombie: Dead on Arrival (review) and now this, it looks like we’re going to be seeing the futher adventures of Dirge for a long time to come.

Screenwriter Talks WWZ

Word come down from last weekend New York Comic Con (via IGN) that "Babylon 5" co-creator Michael will be writing the screenplay adaptation of Max Brook’s very well-received zombie book World War Z (review).

Xombie: Dead on Arrival (Book)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Written by James Farr Published by Epic Level

The Dead are Furious!

What's better than smashing zombies in their friggin' bastard heads with any number of blunt objects? The answer -- NOTHING!

Exclusive: Romero Talks Diary of the Dead!

At this past weekend’s Haunt X convention in California, we got the chance to sit down with the one and only George A. Romero to discuss his latest zombie opus, Diary of the Dead.

Zombie Anthology Darkness Wraps

Versatile (and incredibly busy) indie actor Lee Perkins (KatieBird: Certifiable Crazy Person) just dropped us a line with the good news that production on the anthology Edges of Darkness has wrapped! He was also kind enough to send us the shot of himself (in the role of a priest battling the Antichrist), which you can click on to see much bigger.

Clix Enters The Lab!

The traveling man/toy expert known as Nomad forwarded some new information over to us from the folks at WizKids, Inc., creators of the wildly popular HorrorClix game, with the news that the first expansion for the series is making its way to stores now. Called simply The Lab, this add-on features a total of 96 new miniature monsters to collect from Zombie Astronauts to Pod Creatures and more! You can see some pics from the add-on below, but that’s the tip of the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the cool new minuscule mutations they have to offer.

Worst Case in '07?

All right, so it’s not exactly timely, per se, but sometimes things fall through the cracks and it takes us a while to notice ‘em.

Spare a Dime for a Xombie?

I’ve got to give credit to the creators of the wildly popular online show Xombie for two reasons: One, they’re sick of waiting for someone in Hollywood to get their idea and throw the kind of money at them that they need to make it into a feature-length film and want to do it themselves, and two, they’re willing to ask us, the fans, for help.

World War Z (Book)

Reviewed by Dean Sasser Written by Max Brooks Published by Crown Publishers 342 pages

World War Z is Coming!

We've been tipped off today by a reader that Max Brooks' new book is getting some lovin' from Borders .

Dead Rising (Video Game)

Available on Xbox 360 Voice work provided by T. J. Rotolo and Alex Fernandez Developed and distributed by Capcom Dawn [dawn] -noun 1. the first appearance of daylight in the morning. 2. the beginning or rise of anything; advent.

Romero, George A. (Diary of the Dead) Audio Interview with Transcript

Sometimes you just know when you're in the company of greatness. The films of George A. Romero have long been a staple of our genre. He's had the dead walking for decades, but now he has something else in mind for our flesh-hungry rotting reapers. A return to Day One. Since the news broke about

Sudol, Frank (City of Rott) Audio Interview

City of Rott. What? You haven't heard of it? Then go and read my friggin' review right now. Then come back because have we got a treat for you! Recently I got to sit down with n

Bone Sickness (DVD)

Reviewed by D.W. Bostaph Starring Darya Zabinski, Ruby Larocca, Rich George, Brian Paulin, and Kevin Barbare Directed by Brian Paulin Distributed By Unearthed Films