Larose Joins Undertakers

Those maniacs making The Undertakers (hit the link above to see all our previous stories on it) just announced some very appropriate casting news today via the film’s MySpace page; J. Larose has signed on to play Talon Black!

Thriller Night at Tribeca!

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since John Landis created what is arguably the best music video ever made, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? I know, most of you weren’t even alive when it first showed up on MTV, but trust me; it was a big deal.

Get Your Dead Signed Tuesday!

Got your shiny new Day of the Dead remake DVD and hungry to get it signed? Dark Delicacies has your fix on their menu!

Day of the Dead 2008 (DVD)

Reviewed by Buz 'Danger' Wallick Starring Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, Michael Welch, Pat Kilbane, Nick Cannon Directed by Steve Miner Distributed by First Look Pictures

The Undertakers' Resurrection

The road to getting your vision on video can be one hell of a struggle. Our buddy and filmmaker Kiven Head knows this well. For several months now he has been raising funds via a raffle so that his movie, The Undertakers: Road's End, can come to life (“The Undertakers Need Zombies” – February 2008).

The Sky Has Fallen on NIN

Today Dread Central reader Snake pointed us in the direction of a new trailer for an independent film titled The Sky Has Fallen (official site). Though we don't usually run stories for indie film trailers, this fan-made remix is set to the tune of Nine Inch Nails' "And All That Could Have Been". Check out the official synopsis below:

Stop in for a Pint at the Winchester Pub!

Been a long day? On the outs with your honey during the zombie apocalypse? Got some red on you? Time to knock back a few cold ones! Drown your sorrows in style by heading over to our EVILSHOP and getting yourself a 16 oz. glass from everyone's favorite zombie shelter, the Winchester Pub!

Exclusive: DVD Specs for Diary & Night!

Yesterday we got the word on Diary and Night of the Living Dead DVD dates. This morning we pointed you to the first look at the art. Now Dread Central can exclusively tell you what will be on both discs!

Diary & New Night Art!

Following up on the news we shared with you yesterday, those undead freaks over at Zombie Friends got the first look at both the Diary of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead: 40th Anniversary Edition this morning. No, it’s not a joke; the NotLD cover really is that dull.

Dead Fury Premiere Set!

If you haven’t yet checked out Frank Sudol’s City of Rott (review), you really don’t know what you're missing. I won’t tell you about it now; just check out the review and see what I mean.

Zombie Strippers Dance into Theatres

So, what is better than strippers? Free strippers? Nah. Strippers without drug habits? Meh. Zombie strippers with a hankering for human flesh? Thank you, Sony!!!

Zombabies (DVD)

Reviewed by Kryten Syxx Starring Heather Del Rio, Sue Rock, Heath Allyn and Gabriel Lopez Directed, Written, Produced and Edited by Justin Paul Warren Official MySpace Page

Dance of the Dead Gets a New Poster

Last year we brought you news of a fresh zombie film being directed by Gregg Bishop, which featured the undead feasting on teens during a homecoming dance (“The Dead Can Dance” – May 2007). The artwork for the film back then really wasn't much to look at, but today we got an eyeful.