New Fright Rags in Evilshop!

It’s been a long, long, long time since we directed you guys over to Evilshop, but that’s because we’re nice guys. We know the economy isn’t what it used to be and who are we to tell you to spend your money?

New Teaser for Edges of Darkness

We just got a heads up that there’s another new teaser online for the indie anthology Edges of Darkness, which is comprised of three tales set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. Still no word on a release for the film yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.

Better Quality Dead Snow Teaser & Trailer!

Welcome Stumblers! Be sure to give this page a thumbs up if you liked it! The other day we showed you guys the trailer for the upcoming Norweigan zombie film Dead Snow, but it wasn’t the best in terms of quality. We have fixed that by throwing up the high definition versions of both the Dead Snow teaser and full trailer!

Poster for Paris by Night of the Living Dead

Dig it; the MySpace page for the French zombie film Paris by Night of the Living Dead just added the film’s official one-sheet to their images, and as you can see it’s pretty badass. The story follows two survivors trying to get out of the City of Lights after the dead take over. We’ll have more soon so keep your ass where we can see it! - Johnny Butane

Resident Evil 5 Hands-on!

With the Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 demo hitting Japan earlier this week, naturally some effort was put into getting our hands on it sooner rather than later, and now we can report back on how the game is looking and how well the demo plays.

Frozen Nazi Zombies Rise in New Dead Snow Trailer!

If you read our previous articles on Dead Snow, you're aware that the film is playing Sundance and looks pretty badss. Dead Snow is the story of some kids who go skiing at a cabin in the mountains. Sounds pretty standard slasher right? Well things go badly when Nazi Zombies rise out of the snow and cause all kinds of mayhem.

Day of the Dead 2008 (Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, Michael Welch, Pat Kilbane, Nick Cannon Directed by Steve Miner Distributed by First Look Pictures

More World War Z Details

The hope, screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski told MTV’s Movies Blog, is to start production on World War Z by the first of the year. That’s a pretty quick turnaround since he’s still polishing the script based on director Marc Forster’s notes.

French Zombie Featurette!

I have to admit, I’ve never heard Word One about the French zombie movie Paris by Night of the Living Dead until today, which just goes to show how under the radar the film’s been flying considering it’s been in production for about two years now.

Sideshow's New Dead: The Harbinger!

I love that Sideshow has the presence of mind to create a series all their own that they can continue making ad infintum with any variations of zombie they can think of. That’s what we call forward thinking, fiends.

First Poster for Aftermath!

We just got the first look at a teaser poster for the upcoming post-apocalyptic film Aftermath, which is on its way from Canadian director Laurent Piche. Along with the poster, which you can see below, there's also word that some pretty big names are circling Aftermath right now in terms of studios, so keep your fingers crossed!

Thanksgiving Day of the Dead Widget

Still working out the final details of your Thanksgiving Day menu? Trying to find the perfect appetizer and dessert? Look no further than the recipes listed in Monster HD's "Thanksgiving Day of the Dead" widget!

Caroling Christmas Zombies Sing for Brains in Silent Night, Zombie Night

Principal photography is set to begin in December for director Sean Cain’s new Silent Night, Zombie Night, brought to us by the fine organizations of Velvet Hammer Films and ArsonCuff Entertainment. Included in the cast are Lew Temple (Trailer Park of Terror), Felissa Rose (Return to Sleepaway Camp) and Vernon Wells (Commando).

Indulge in Some Zombie Bukkake in LA!

I know. You're in California with nothing much going on. Then you hear it. The roar of the crowd. The blaring of sirens. It could only mean one thing ... Famous horror author Joe Knetter is in town signing copies of his latest book, Zombie Bukkake!

Dead Set (2008)

Reviewed by Phil Newton Starring Jaime Winstone, Andy Nyman, Adam Deacon, Kevin Eldon, Raj Ghatak, Kathleen McDermott Directed by Yann Demange