Bio-Dead Looking to Spread Some Bio-Terror

Bio-terrorism takes on a whole new meaning in Bio-Dead, a new indie sci-fi horror flick from writer director Stephen J. Hadden about the horror that awaits a hazmat team looking for survivors following a viral holocaust.

Exclusive: Minions of Ka New Site, Movie Deal!

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you guys of the badass zombie graphic novel we’ve been touting for a while now, Minions of Ka, created by some of the coolest guys we’ve ever met ... do I?

Zombies Ahead in Austin, Texas

Know what I love? Zombies. I love everything about them. And now I love something else -- Hackers in Austin! Transportation officials in Texas are in a tizzy over some hackers who have taken over the road signs in their city.

A Look at the NOTLD Mego Packaging

Ever since these collectibles were announced, I've been salivating over them like a rabid dog! Well, the time has come to get them into your hungry claws so get set to take a look at the nifty packaging!

Possible World War Z Concept Art

Anyone who’s read Max Brooks’ World War Z should know the significance of the Battle of Yonkers. It’s a turning point in the story of man's war against the zombies and one sequence that will make or break the upcoming film when all is said and done.

Exclusive Silent Night, Zombie Night Pics; Director Speaks!

Don’t let the title Silent Night, Zombie Night fool you. While writer/director Sean Cain is clearly paying homage to the campy 80s slasher flick Silent Night, Deadly Night, there’s nothing campy about his latest film.

Jane Austen Vs. The Living Dead

Someone either has way too much time on their hands or they’re a genius. Maybe they’re a genius with way too much time on their hands? Whatever the case is, the person is Seth Grahame-Smith and the book is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’ll just let that sink in for a moment...

I Sell the Dead Wins Slamdance Award!

The folks at Variety never sleep, and neither do we.

Wanna Fight Off Zombies in Nam? Meet Shellshock 2!

Talk about under the radar. The sequel to the lackluster first person Vietnam War shooter Shell Shock is carrying with it a new twist -- your enemies are now undead! Enter Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, the first ever Vietcong zombie game.

Dead & Buried (Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson, Lisa Blount, Robert Englund Directed by Gary A. Sherman Distributed by Blue Underground

IFC Nabs Dead Snow, Objective Release Set

Finally some horror news is coming out of this year’s Sundance, namely the word that Dead Snow has been picked up for distribution by IFC Films.

Resident Evil 5 CE Details Revealed!

For a while now we’ve know Capcom was planning on something cool to justify their $90 price tag for the Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil 5, it’s the specifics we were not sure of. Finally the details have been revealed and I have to say yes, it sure as hell is worth the extra $30!

Date for Resident Evil 5 Demo!

Good news, oh lovers of all things Resident Evil! Kotaku has learned that the demo for Resident Evil 5 will be debuting exclusively on Xbox 360 for one week on January 26th, 2009, then showing up on Playstation 3 February 2nd!