International Mutants One-Sheet

Over on David Morley's MySpace page he's posted the one-sheet for his latest zombie film Mutants. Take a peek inside to see the goods!

Romero Bringing us More Dead in Print

Rejoice zombie fans! Word has it that the godfather of the zombie genre, George A. Romero, is gearing up to bring us more of his pitch-perfect brand of undead mayhem in a startling new form.

A Tormented Trailer

The new zom-com Tormented is set to make its May 22nd debut in the UK, and we've got a look at the trailer for ya!

Take a Hit Off The Bong of the Dead!

Yeah, man! Now this is what we're talking about! Cannabis and Cannibals together in one movie! Bless you director Thomas Newman! Bless you!

Real Life Zombies in New Orleans?

Nola.com recently posted this bizarre news that could only come from one place. The Internet. Possible zombie outbreak? Is he just a lunatic? One thing is for sure, this shit is not your everyday kind of thing.

New Stills Destined to be Ingested

What's in a title? For us, I'd have to say a lot. Sofian Khan's upcoming indie zombie flick Destined to be Ingested is one that we're looking forward to big time around the Dread Central offices if only because of its clever moniker.

Versus Mode in Resident Evil 5 Available Now!

Tired of playing co-op mode and want to dabble in something a bit edgier? Well cool! Five bucks is all you need to download the Versus Mode content for Capcom's Resident Evil 5!

Living Dead, The (Book)

Reviewed by Morgan Elektra Written by various Edited by John Joseph Adams Published by Night Shade Books

They Were ... Destined to be Ingested

Here at Dread Central we're notified about dozens of movies per week. Some look great, some look like shit, and some ... well, some are Destined to be Ingested!

Trailer for 12/24 Spreads X-Mas Fear!

We're sure most horror fans would like nothing more than to wake up on Christmas day to find current scream queen Tiffany Shepis wrapped up with a pretty bow under their trees, but you know what we want here at Dread Central? A full scale zombie invasion!

Behind-the-Scenes: The Horde

Some behind-the-scenes footage from the latest French zombie flick The Horde hit YouTube (where else?) today, and even though the clip isn't in English, we can take heart in the fact that hungry flesheaters speak a universal language!

Mutants Trailer Now Live

Twitch Film got their hands on the full trailer for the new French Zombie-fest Mutants today, and wow is this one now officially on our radar.

Five Minutes of Golden Bat April Foolishness

Being April 1st, today is a day when many will try to fool you. I thought instead of a trick, I might prepare a treat: five and a half minutes of Golden Bat foolishness!

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction Trailer

Remember when were talking about Red 5 Comics' ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction being turned into a feature film? Well, this isn't it. Instead it's the trailer for another film of the same name that was already in production at the time of that announcement. Confused? Us too.