Isopods Bring the Living Dead to The Bay

Anyone familiar with the hideous undersea creatures called Isopods should be aware of one thing ... no good can come of their existence. True, I don't know a single actual thing about them but I hate bugs. I hate things that look like bugs, and these things are giant sea bugs. That's good enough for me to loathe them.

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part IV: Prosthetics and Buckets of Blood

As we mentioned in our preview piece, "The Walking Dead" won’t be stingy on the bloodshed. This show plans to test the bounds of gore on TV, and they’ve got one of the best in the business to make sure all the open wounds, guts and severed limps look appropriately realistic. “Yesterday Greg [Nicotero] was doing some rigging [and] he was absolutely covered in blood,” says director Frank Darabont. “That’s my mental image of Greg, always.”

Teaser One-Sheet Debut and Premiere News: Devil's Playground

The teaser art for the next zombie themed epic coming out of the UK, Black and Blue Films' Devil's Playground, has come our way; and it's void of floating heads, pensive looking teens, and all the rest of the cliché horseshit we're spoon-fed here in the States.

Capcom Giving Away the Dead with Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition

Oh, Capcom! You have so many ways to tease us! Ever want to own your very own six foot tall zombie? Well come September 28th, one lucky gamer who'll be purchasing the Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition will get a chance to do just that! This is the now third way that you'll be able to get your mitts on this wondrous slice of zombie killing mayhem. Details and images below. They really make the bare bones stand alone game disc look insanely barren. Zombrex Edition Dead Rising 2 game disc

Survival of the Dead (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by MattFini Starring Devon Bostick, Kathleen Munroe, Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Richard Fitzpatrick Directed by George A. Romero Distributed by Magnet Releasing

Exclusive Survival of the Dead Commentary Track with Uncle Creepy and George A. Romero Now Available on BD Live!

For those not playing along, our own Uncle Creepy has done several commentary tracks for movies, but for whatever reason his work has often been shelved. He refers to this as the Creepy Commentary Curse™, but right now, at least for BD Live users who bought Survival of the Dead on Blu-Ray, the curse has been broken!

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part III: Casting and Prepping Production

Casting believable undead is an important aspect of any zombie show, but if you don’t have a great hero blowing off their heads, you might just end up rooting for the zombies. Robert Kirkman crafted a great protagonist for The Walking Dead in the venerable Rick Grimes so finding the right man to breathe life into him on screen would be a challenge to be sure. In the end it was a Brit who had the goods.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead on DVD or Blu-Ray

It's a really weird and amazing feeling to know that right now horror fans from anywhere in the world can go to a store and buy a movie that I'm actually friggin' in! To celebrate, we figured we may as well give away a couple of copies so fans can see their old Uncle Creepy go to work on the living in the most brutal way imaginable!

Sink Your Teeth into La Horde's UK-Exclusive Trailer

With co-directors Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher’s zombietastic action-horror La Horde (The Horde) slated for a September 17th theatrical release in the UK (with DVD to follow on the 20th), we’ve gotten our hands on a slightly early peek at the UK-exclusive trailer. Chow down!

Two New Trailers - Juan of the Dead

Two new trailers showcasing Cuba's new zombie killing hero have surfaced online and honestly? They're pretty funny. Ready for more Juan of the Dead? Of course you are!

Trailer Debut: The Walking Dead Premiering Halloween Night

Finally the day we've been waiting for is here! The official trailer for Frank Darabont's TV adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead is here along with the show's premiere date! Life ... or in this case death ... is good!

Exclusive Set Visit: Zombies Take Over Hinnon Valley, Director Rick Greenwood Talks

A couple of weeks ago filmmaker Rick Greenwood tipped Dread off to his then currently shooting zombie feature Hinnon Valley, and we brought back a handful of behind-the-scenes photos from the Los Angeles-filmed production as well as some stills from principal photography.

Official Trailer Debut - IFC's The Horde

The Horde (La horde) is finally available on demand via Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Bright House and Time Warner Cable, and to celebrate the flick's release, we have a brand spanking new trailer just waiting for your blood-hungry eyes to feast upon.

Badass New Trailer and One-Sheet Debut - The Dead

Being absolute zombie movie aficionados, there are few upcoming projects that we're looking forward to here more than the Ford Brothers' The Dead. Shambling zombies in a foreign land attacking without prejudice? We're so there. To help kick off your weekend in style, we've gotten our hands on both the official trailer and one-sheet for this incredible looking new film. Dig it!

More Sign Up to Get Infected!

Ah, zombie movies. They're like chocolate bars on your nightstand. You don't care how they get there ... when you find them, you're going to eat them. Such is the case with Glenn Ciano's new flesh-eater epic, Infected.