A Trio of New Walking Dead Stills Shamble on to Terminus

The end is near. Yep, there are just a couple more episodes left until this season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" shambles off into the sunset. On tap right now we have a trio of new images. Check 'em out!

New The Walking Dead Season Finale Poster Wonders Who Will Arrive?

In the world of "The Walking Dead," the flyers inviting folks to Terminus read: "Those that arrive, survive," and this new artwork for the final episodes of the season seems to indicate that possibly one of our favorites might not make it. Check it out!

New Horror Comedy Gets Dug Up

Okay, so stop us if you've heard this one... three friends walk into a cemetery to find themselves some buried treasure and end up on the shit end of the stick of dead rising proportions. Sound good? We've Dug Up even more details for you! Read on!

Joey Morgan to Scout and Slay Zombies

The previously announced Tye Sheridan has found some company to assist him in zombie slaying as Variety is reporting that newcomer Joseph Morgan has landed one of the lead roles opposite the Mud actor in Paramount’s Scouts vs. Zombies.

Another Clip and a Pair of Images Arrive from The Walking Dead Episode 4.15 - Us

Yes, we usually have our follow-up story to Sunday night's episode of "The Walking Dead" posted a little earlier in the day, but after the harrowing events that transpired, we needed a bit more time to compose ourselves. If you're ready to proceed as well, here's more on Episode 4.15, "Us."

See a Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 4.15 - Us; Go Inside Episode 4.14 - The Grove

Have you recovered from tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead" yet? When you have regained your strength from the wallop from tonight's emotional episode, take a look "inside" Ep. 4.14, "The Grove," followed by a sneak peek of Ep. 4.15, "Us."

All Roads Lead to Terminus in this New Preview of The Walking Dead Episode 4.14 - The Grove

While recent episodes of "The Walking Dead" have divided horror fans, the general public's love for the series shows no signs of slowing down, and AMC has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Episode 4.14, "The Grove," which you can watch right here.

Tye Sheridan First Scout Cast to Fight Zombies

Never mind helping old ladies cross the street or any other good deeds that the Boy Scouts are known for. For our money any Scout worth his salt will have to fend off hordes of flesh-eating ghouls before we give him a merit badge.

Another Clip and a Pair of Images Arrive from The Walking Dead Episode 4.14 - The Grove

A second sneak peek of "The Walking Dead" Episode 4.14, "The Grove," which aired during last night's edition of "Talking Dead," has popped up online, and we have it for you here along with a pair of stills from the ep.

Read Along With This Exclusive Doc of the Dead Clip

The definitive living dead documentary which YOU helped to make happen, Doc of the Dead (review), is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival, and we've got another exclusive clip for you along with details on when YOU will be able to see the film! Read on!

Kick Off Your Week with a Look at Zombie/Civil War Mashup Novel State of Infection

Sometimes all it takes to redeem a bad day is a dose of humor mixed with a healthy helping of suspense. Redeem your Monday with Michael Frey's State of Infection, a refreshing perspective on zombies from a rising new talent.

See a Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 4.14 - The Grove; Go Inside Episode 4.13 - Alone

The brief synopsis of next week's Episode 4.14 of "The Walking Dead," titled "The Grove," seems to offer some hope for the group, but will it pan out? Here's a sneak peek along with a nostalgic look "inside" tonight's Episode 4.13, "Alone."

Doc of the Dead (2014)

Starring Simon Pegg, George A. Romero, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Bruce Campbell, Max Brooks, Steve Barton Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe

Trailer and Details Arrive for Night of Something Strange

Just yesterday we told you about Jonathan Straiton's new zombie film Night of Something Strange, and today we have plot details and the first trailer. Don't ever say we don't work quickly.

Zombies Rise in the Night of Something Strange

There's nothing like a good zombie movie, man. When one is firing on all cylinders, magic happens. In terms of Jonathan Straiton's new film Night of Something Strange, we are hoping for the best! Check out the first stills and more.