Zak Hilditch

Spend These Final Hours with Action-Packed New Trailer

Picked up for distribution at last year's American Film Market, Zak Hilditch's apocalyptic thriller These Final Hours is set for release from Roadshow Films on June 12th.

AFM 2013: Roadshow Films Figures Out How to Spend These Final Hours

It seems appropriate now that we're nearing the tail end of this year's AFM that a movie called These Final Hours would find distribution. Screen Daily reports that Roadshow Films has picked up US and UK rights to the apocalyptic thriller from Celluloid Nightmares.

AFM 2013: The End Is Nigh in this New These Final Hours Sales Trailer

The Halloween season may be drawing to a close, but that just means AFM is getting set to kick off with a fresh crop of thrills and chills waiting to be discovered! Time to suffer the apocalypse with the sales trailer for These Final Hours.

Two Actors Ready to Endure These Final Hours

With the Mayan calendar reaching its end, is it any wonder why so many people are looking to make movies which revolve around the apocalypse? Of course not! And here's the first word of another flick heading our way.