Zachary Quinto

James Cromwell to Tell an American Horror Story?

With credits ranging from Babe to "Six Feet Under" to "24" to The Artist, Oscar and Emmy nominee James Cromwell is one of our most gifted artists so we couldn't have been happier to read the news that he's in negotiations to join Season 2 of "American Horror Story".

American Horror Story Season 2 Casting Call Speculation

Over on the IMDB website a user posted what could be a casting call for more characters coming to Season Two of the hit FX TV show "American Horror Story." Given the source we say take it all in with a grain of salt. Still for the curious ...

Chloe Sevigny Has Big Love for American Horror Story

Some possible casting new has started buzzing around the interwebs, and as always we're here to swat it down and serve it up while it's still twitching. Read on for the latest.

First Hard Details Emerge Regarding American Horror Story Season 2

"American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy recently dished the first real details we've seen for the show's second season, including its location, time frame, and what some old and new faces will be doing once the spookery begins!

American Horror Story Season 2 Sprinkles In Some French Flavor

More casting news has come our way for the second season of the hit television spooker "American Horror Story". Read on to find out who has joined the ever expanded cast, and let's hope that they are the cause of much evil.

Adam Levine to Bring More Than Just His Voice to American Horror Story

News of another possible addition to the cast of "American Horror Story" Season 2 has hit the interwebs, and it's a pretty damned interesting choice. Read on for the details.

A Girl Interrupted on American Horror Story in Season Two

Here's an interesting bit of news coming in for Season Two of the hit FX series "American Horror Story"... It seems that the show's creators are looking for a special kind of crazy for its second run of spooky.

UPDATED: Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe Return in American Horror Story Season 2

More casting news coming in for Season 2 of the hit FX show "American Horror Story". Hot on the heels of the news that the wonderful Jessica Lange would be returning to the series, more cast members have jumped into a new role with her!

Behind-the-Scenes Videos of the Birth of the Rubber Man Outfit and More Costumes on American Horror Story

Curious about what went into the creation of the iconic Rubber Man suit on "American Horror Story"? What about the challenges of designing wardrobes that span multiple time periods? The answers to those questions and more can be found in these new behind-the-scenes videos for "American Horror Story".

A Second Preview Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.08 - Rubber Man

A second special preview clip has appeared online for this week's episode of "American Horror Story", entitled "Rubber Man", and it features guest star Zachary Quinto as Chad, who visits an S&M store looking for a way to reconnect with his lover, Patrick (Teddy Sears). And thus, the Rubber Man is born!

American Horror Story: Another Guest Star Joins the Cast; A New Clip from Episode 6 - Piggy, Piggy

In case the last clip we ran from tomorrow night's episode of "American Horror Story" didn't quite whet your appetite enough to make sure you tune in, we have another one for you today, this time featuring Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family"). And while we're on the subject of guest stars, the show has added yet another: "Homeland"'s Amir Arison.

Another Tasty Clip from American Horror Story Episode 6 - Piggy, Piggy

A second clip has surfaced for the upcoming Episode 6 of "American Horror Story", entitled "Piggy, Piggy", courtesy of TV Guide, and rather than update our previous item about the ep, we're giving this one a story all its own. It deserves it. Check it out and see if you don't agree.

A Clip from American Horror Story Episode 6 - Piggy, Piggy and Two New Behind-the-Scenes Videos

There are more goodies headed our way from the masterminds behind "American Horror Story" including a clip from this week's episode, "Piggy, Piggy", and two more behind-the-scenes videos. The first focuses on the Props Department while the second goes "Inside American Horror Story" - which is just where we like it!

A Preview of American Horror Story Episode 6 - Piggy, Piggy

We're really liking how the layers are starting to peel away on "American Horror Story" and things we've been wondering about are being explained. And it looks like the upcoming Episode 6, "Piggy, Piggy", will reveal even more! Check out the ep's preview, and let us know your thoughts on the series thus far.

A Clip from American Horror Story Episode 5 - Halloween, Part 2, and Three New Behind-the-Scenes Videos

We're just a day away from the conclusion of the two-part "Halloween" episode of "American Horror Story" on FX (Part 2 airs Wednesday, November 2nd), and the network has released a clip from the ep along with three new behind-the-scenes videos.