Zach Passero

Exclusive: Wicked Lake Director's Cut Blu-Ray Specs/Release Details

Zach Passero, director of the 2008 Fever Dreams/Media Blasters feature Wicked Lake, has given Dread Central the skinny on the release plans for his director's cut of that feature. Hitting Blu-Ray on June 29, 2010, the disc will contain the original cut with the director's cut (titled Wicked, Wicked Lake) as a bonus that will feature an introduction by the filmmaker.

Event Report: Screamfest LA Mixer in Hollywood, CA

This scribe co-hosted last night’s Screamfest LA ‘Night of Mayhem’ mixer at the hipster hangout Kung Pao Kitty in Hollywood, CA, and brought back a slew of photos as well as release info and word on a couple of flicks you may be interested in.

Ministry's Al Jourgensen Talks Wicked Lake

Ministry's Al Jourgensen sat down with Dave Navarro's Spread TV this week to talk about all things from politics, conspiracies and his work on composing the music for Zach Passero's sexy Wicked Lake (review).

Wicked Lake DVD Specs Revealed!

The incredibly strange, sexually charged and gory Wicked Lake (review) is coming to DVD on October 7th, and we’ve been waiting patiently for the folks at Fever Dreams to drop some final disc specs into our waiting laps. Finally, our laps our filled!

Wicked Lake (2008)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Carlee Baker, Eryn Joslyn, Eve Mauro, Robin Sydney, Michael Esparza, Marc Senter Directed by Zach Passero

Wicked Lake Premiere Set

Fever Dreams, the production company behind Tokyo Gore Police and Shadow: Dead Riot, just announced the premiere date for their latest horror opus, Wicked Lake, directed by Zach Passero.

*UPDATE* Wicked Lake's Wicked Poster

UPDATE: We just received a cleaner version of the poster. Check it out on the right!

Wicked Lake Live

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing the horror DVD list every week, it’s that if you’re in high school or college and plan a weekend trip to anywhere that isn’t overpopulated, you better count on most of your crew getting offed. Everyone’s doing it now, including Chris (The Lost) Sivertson and Adam (Going to Pieces) Rockoff in their latest script, Wicked Lake.