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CONTEST CLOSED! By Odin's Beard! UK Readers: Win Vikingdom on DVD!

Unsheathe thy blade and swill thy mead, for we have a giveaway! Courtesy of Universal Pictures UK, you can win a copy of Vikingdom on DVD. Are the gods in your favour? Enter and find out!

Exclusive: Dominic Purcell Talks Vikingdom

Most of us are used to seeing Iron Man or Loki attack Thor, but in the case of the low-budget fantasy epic Vikingdom, actor Dominic Purcell is tasked with that enormous challenge, made even more daunting because this interpretation of Thor is played by the seven-foot-tall Conan Stevens...

Vikings Kick Ass in Vikingdom Headed Our Way Next Month

Vikings are pretty popular at the moment, and whenever something becomes popular, you can expect many films to pop up and capitalize on the trend. Those badass blonde-haired warriors will next be storming the screen with Vikingdom, and we've got all the release details for ya below!