Yoshihiro Nishimura

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Images: Mutant Girls Squad

The new film by Tak (Be a Man! Samurai School) Sakaguchi, Noboru (Robo-Geisha) Iguchi, and Yoshihiro (Tokyo Gore Police) Nishimura, Sento Shojo (Japanese title) or Mutant Girls Squad, is in post production; and we've got a behind-the-scenes look at the editing process.

Movie Version of The Ancient Dogoo Girl Coming

As if Tak Sakaguchi, Noboru Iguchi, and Yoshihiro Nishimura teaming up to direct Mutant Girls Squad (which we told you about here) wasn't splatter-tastic enough, now comes word that the Iguchi, Nishimura, and Takashi Shimizu TV show entitled The Ancient Dogoo Girl is being adapted into a feature film. What will our Japanese friends think of next?

Mutant Girls Squad on Their Way

Tak (Be a Man! Samurai School) Sakaguchi, Noboru (Robo-Geisha) Iguchi, and Yoshihiro (Tokyo Gore Police) Nishimura are teaming up to direct the genre mash-up Sento Shojo (Japanese title) or Mutant Girls Squad for Nikkatsu Films starring pin-up model Yumi Sugimoto.

New RoboGeisha Poster and Another Trailer

Few films that we cover here at Dread Central seem as crazed as Noboru Iguchi's RoboGeisha so we're pleased to provide both a first look at the new poster and the second trailer for the flick.

Exclusive: Live Commentary - Tokyo Gore Police

Live from the NY Asian Film Festival 2009 at the IFC Center, Tokyo Gore Night proved to be quite the "spectacle", to say the least! Highlights included punishment to the directors for unleashing such mind-boggling films onto the world by way of darts to the ass courtesy of Tak Sakaguchi. Those who toughed it out were seen as true samurai!

RoboGeisha Trailer Hits the Net

Sometimes you just have to let a film speak for itself. Such is the case with Noboru Iguchi's RoboGeisha.

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009)

Reviewed by Ted Geoghegan Starring Yukie Kawakura, Eri Otoguro, Takumi Saitô, and Eihi Shiina Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura and Naoyuki Tomomatsu

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl Poster Revealed!

Remember that crazy-ass trailer we posted in April for Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (watch it again here)? Now we've got the poster and a few more details to go along with it -- including where you might be able to see the film!

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl Trailer

Brace yourselves for this one. Extreme arterial spray and over-the-top acting and effects combine for one helluva crazy looking trailer!

Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

Reviewed by Evil Andy Starring Eihi Shiina, Itsuji Itao, Shoko Nakahara, Sayako Nakoshi Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura

First Tokyo Gore Police Poster

Those sickos over at Kaiju Shakedown just got their hands on the first teaser poster for Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Tokyo Gore Police, the insane looking film we showed you footage from a few weeks back.

Tokyo Gore Police Trailer!

Insanity is the name of the game for the creators of The Machine Girl, who are primed to burst back onto the horror scene with their latest offering, Tokyo Gore Police, directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura.