Yam Laranas

Yam Laranas' Film The Road Extends Run in Select Theaters

Horror fans who haven't had a chance yet to get out and see Yam Laranas' eerie thriller The Road will get another week to get their buns to the theater to check out this ultra-creepy film.

Exclusive Interview: Yam Laranas Talks The Road, Where He's Heading for His Next Project and More

In Filipino filmmaker Yam Laranas' latest thriller The Road (review here), we see what happens when a twelve-year-old cold case is reopened after three teens go missing on an abandoned road.

Four New Stills Come Speeding Down The Road

Yam Laranas' The Road (review here) hits theatres next week, and to get you excited for it, we've got four spooky new stills. Dig it!

Headlights Illuminate Terror in Latest Clip from The Road

A new clip has come our way for Yam Laranas' The Road (review here), and we have every horror-filled pixel of it for you to peruse right here. Dig it!

Exclusive Red-Band Trailer Premiere - Yam Laranas' The Road

You want badass? You got it! The sick thing? The newly released red-band trailer for Yam Laranas' The Road (review here) doesn't even scratch the surface of all the spooky waiting for you in this flick! Check it out now as you won't find it anywhere else for a while!

Official Trailer Premiere for Yam Laranas' The Road

We've been singing the praises of Yam Laranas' The Road (review here) for quite some time around these parts, and we're incredibly excited that the flick is on its way to theatres May 11th! Time to check out a new trailer! Dig it!

The Road Leads to the Festival Fantastique a Day Later

Yam Laranas' chilly new spooker The Road (review here) was supposed to be playing today at the Brussels International Film Festival, but because of a few tech problems, it didn't happen. Read on to find out when you'll be able to see it instead.

A Quartet of New Stills from The Road

To celebrate the May 11th release of one of the creepiest foreign films to head to our shores in ages, Yam Laranas' The Road (review here), we have a few new stills for you to glue your peepers to! Check it!

New Theatrical One-Sheet for The Road

Words alone cannot describe how stoked we are that you guys will soon be seeing one of the creepiest foreign films to head to our shores in ages, Yam Laranas' The Road (review here)! To celebrate the flick's arrival on May 11th via Freestyle Releasing we've scored a new theatrical poster.

Get Ready to Travel The Road in May

Some really great news is coming in for people who are looking forward to seeing Yam Laranas' The Road (review here)! Thye early word is that Freestyle Releasing will be distributing the flick in theaters on May 11th. Stay tuned.

New Teaser Trailer for Yam Laranas' The Road

Recently we had a chance to sit down and view Yam Laranas' The Road (review here), and it did not disappoint one bit! The flick cannot get here soon enough! For now, though, we have a new teaser trailer for you to dig on!

Road, The (2011)

Starring Carmina Villarroel, Rhian Ramos, TJ Trinidad, Alden Richards Written and directed by Yam Laranas

Evocative New One-Sheet: Yam Laranas' The Road

When looking at the new one-sheet for the latest film from Yam Laranas entitled The Road, there's bound to be a lot of things going through your heads. Some will be disturbed. Some maybe even a little confused. As far as we're concerned, we're nothing short of impressed as this one is a winner!

Spooky New Motion Poster for Yam Laranas' The Road

Director Yam Laranas' latest film The Road is one super strange looking little movie, and we absolutely love it for being so! Yet another piece of the supremely weird puzzle has made its way online, and while we're not sure what the hell is going on exactly, we do know that it can't possibly be good!

Second Teaser Poster Debut - Yam Laranas' The Road

Little by little more and more about Yam Laranas' The Road slips online, and today we have the second teaser one-sheet for the flick for you to dig on! Check it out!