Xbox Live Arcade

New Artwork and Launch Trailer For Skullgirls

Skullgirls is out now for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can read our review here. A new piece of artwork has been revealed to show you the bloody world of the Skullgirls!

Get Ready to Bash Some Girls' Skulls

Game developer Autumn Games will be releasing its newest game, Skullgirls, for PlayStation Network in North America tomorrow with a worldwide release of the game scheduled for Xbox LIVE Arcade on Wednesday.

New Deadlight Trailer Shines Light on the Dark Road Ahead

Tequlia Works' Deadlight is in development and will be released exclusively for Xbox Live this summer. The latest trailer shines some light on the dark journey ahead where one man will battle to survive in a barren apocalyptic world!

Join the Journey in I Am Alive

Ubisoft's I Am Alive released on Xbox 360 on March 7th and will be available on the PS3 in April. We have survived the journey and lived to tell you all about it! 

Read our review of I Am Alive here.

I Am Alive (Video Game)

Developed by Ubisoft Shanghai Distributed by Ubisoft

Launch Trailer is Now LIVE For I Am Alive

Ubisoft Entertainment's I Am Alive will be part of the Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party event starting March 7th. We were just informed that the launch trailer is now live and well, and waiting for your undivided attention! Read on for details.

New Images Revealed for Skullgirls

Autumn Games' Skullgirls will be releasing in the near future for Xbox 360 and PS3. The game's developers have stated that it is to be the next big 2D fighter game. You can be the judge of that by checking out the newly revealed images for the game! Read on for details.

Win A Copy of I Am Alive

Ubisoft Entertainment's I Am Alive will be available on March 7th for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system. If you would like a chance to be the first to play the game and a chance to win a copy of your very own I Am Alive - then you can enter the official sweepstakes on the game's Facebook page!

Launch Trailer for Alan Wake: American Nightmare and the Original Alan Wake Steams Up Your PC!

Alan Wake's American Nightmare will release next week for Xbox LIVE Arcade, and Remedy Entertainment is still pushing hard to market their game. New press releases announced new facts for the game and showed off an all new launch trailer for the upcoming release.

Final Developer Diary for Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Remedy Entertainment's third and final developer diary for Alan Wake's American Nightmare has just been released. This video takes an in-depth look at the storyline of the game coming on February 22, 2012. Enjoy!

Warp - Bloody Alien Carnage Now Available on Xbox Live Arcade

Electronic Arts Inc.'s Warp, on Xbox Live Arcade, centers around Zero, who has powerful and deadly abilities he will use at all costs to escape the torturous experiments the cruel scientists have been completing on him. This alien is ready to rip off some heads and shed blood!

New Alan Wake Trailer Introduces Mr. Scratch

Players will enter the mysterious world of Night Falls in pursuit of Alan Wake's evil doppelganger Mr. Scratch starting February 22, 2012. But who is Mr. Scratch, really? A new trailer from Remedy should answer just that, as we get a glimpse into the mind of this "psycho."

Make a Sexy Blood-Drenched Nurse YOUR Valentine

The Skullgirls are sending out a very special greeting for their fans this Valentine's Day. The new trailer and screenshots feature Nurse Valentine wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day although her running around in that skimpy little nurse's outfit would've been good enough for most. Enjoy!