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WWE Tags in Anchor Bay to Co-Distribute The Day

More mega than The Megapowers! Bigger than every Giant Machine. Slicker than the Rock and Sock Connection! The world may never be the same! Okay, so that's all a bit hyperbolic. Still, some pretty good news is coming in...

Lionsgate and WWE Eye the Pot o' Gold With a Leprechaun Remake

Why should only good horror films have to suffer the indignity of a remake? This is more like it! Just in time for Saint Paddy's Day comes word that Lionsgate and WWE Films are looking to exploit the yuck of the Irish (sorry) in a new incarnation of everyone's, um, favorite Leprechaun.

WWE Finds Footage in the Bermuda Triangle

More found footage fun is on its way, this time from WWE Films, who'll soon be exploring the dreaded Bermuda Triangle. Maybe they'll find the secret spot where good wrestling angles have disappeared to. Lord knows the PG13 pablum they're spewing out nowadays is in desperate need of a boost.

International One-Sheet for No One Lives Revels in Red

An international one-sheet for the next flick from WWE Films, No One Lives, has arrived, and as always we have it for you right here with no count outs or disqualifications. Dig it!

Official Still from WWE's No One Lives

Though we're still disappointed we're not getting See No Evil 2, we've got the first official still for the next flick from WWE Films, No One Lives. Read on for the details.

TIFF 2011: The WWE Seizes The Day

WWE Studios announced today it has acquired all U.S. distribution rights to the Toronto International Film Festival cult hit The Day, Doug Aarniokoski's visceral action thriller. The film screened to sold-out crowds in the Midnight Madness section of the Festival.

No One Lives in This Latest Bit of Teaser Art

Pathe International just released the first ever teaser art for the latest film from the WWE and Midnight Meat Train director Ryuhei Kitamura, No One Lives, and it's ready to turn your world upside down!

Actual Casting For No One Lives Hacks Its Way Online

One slasher I refuse to get behind is Gregory Dark’s See No Evil. It was a good try, albeit one that never really came together. But that’s not stopping WWE Films from trying their hand at horror once again, this time with a survival horror story with some slasher elements.

Victims Line Up for WWE's No One Lives

Though we're still disappointed we're not getting See No Evil 2, casting is moving along quite nicely on the next flick from WWE Films. Read on for the details.

WWE Heads Back to Horror with No One Lives

It's been a while since the WWE has dabbled in the horror genre. The first time was for the inexplicably watchable flick See No Evil starring the Big Red Machine, Kane. Sensing a profit to be made, McMahon is heading back to the dark side.

Goldust Wrestling with The Fire Witch

Dustin Runnels is most famous by his World Wrestling Entertainment persona Goldust, a sexually ambiguous, Hollywood-obsessed wrestler whose gold-painted appearance is said to have been modeled on the Oscar statue. Now it appears the movie-quoting grappler is hoping to one day quote one of his own movies.