The Horror Wrestling Federation Presents - Original Michael vs. Ghostface

Here we are again. Hump day. How about we let out a little of that pent-up aggression by revisiting the hallowed halls of the HWF (Horror Wrestling Federation) and check out a grudge match that's been brewing for decades... Michael Myers vs. Ghostface!

The Horror Wrestling Federation Presents - Original Michael vs. Remake Michael

While there's no question in our minds just who the toughest Michael Myers is, John Carpenter's or Rob Zombie's, the score has officially been settled in the squared-circle thanks to indie wrestling outfit the HWF - Horror Wrestling Federation! Dig it!

Monster Brawl (2011)

Starring Dave Foley, Robert Maillet, Art Hindle, Kevin Nash, Lance Henriksen Directed by Jesse T. Cook

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Freddy Does Memphis Wrestling?

This week's video pulls off the rare double whammy of WTF-ness. As if a music video showcasing the pro wrestling career of a guy who wrestled back in the early Nineties dressed like Freddy Krueger wasn't strange enough, the absurd song accompanying the video of Freddy going buck wild in a wrestling ring is a novelty song called "Do The Freddy" featuring cackling by Robert Englund himself.

The Trailer From Parts Unknown

Ladies and gentleman! In this corner I'd like to introduce to you a movie that features, wrestling, green slime, homicidal video game players, a zombie woman in a cage fight, and ... a midget. All hailing From Parts Unknown!

Video Clips From Parts Unknown

What the hell is From Parts Unknown? It’s an indie film from Australia we first told you about back in March and haven’t mentioned since. Don’t you keep up on anything? Sheesh.