World War Z

Seven Weeks of Reshoots Under Way on World War Z

After hearing in March that the release date for World War Z was being moved from December of this year to June 21, 2013, we wondered if maybe things weren't going so well for the film, and now we have our answer: Star Brad Pitt has joined some of his fellow actors in Budapest for seven weeks of additional shooting.

World War Z to Transpire in 2013

Looks like the dead will not start waging war until 2013 (that is if the Mayans don't get us first this December). Time to adjust them calendars, kids. Get your pencils ready.

Mireille Enos Boasts Big for World War Z Adaptation

And the World War Z hype wheel keeps right on spinning. This time co-star Mireille Enos ("The Killing", "Big Love"), who plays the wife of Brad Pitt's character in the upcoming adaptation, sat down with E! Online and dropped some pretty interesting remarks about the film and the possibility of it being a trilogy.

World War Z to Be a Trilogy?

Bringing World War Z to the big screen has been a story unto itself. Everything from budget concerns to actual S.W.A.T. teams seizing firearms has haunted the production thus far, but it's still plugging away and may be doing so for two additional films. Read on for the details.

World War Z Nabs a Composer, First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man's Lizard, Ghost Hunters Back In Court

It's one of the last news days of 2011, and just about everyone has already checked out for the year. You know what that means, right? A slow news day. Really slow. Slowest of the year. As a result we've dug through some headlines and scared up a couple of news bits that we normally wouldn't have paid any attention to. At least for the most part.

S.W.A.T. Team Raids World War Z Warehouse

Does the word "oops" actually cut it here? Sometimes news stories come our way that just leave us shaking our collective heads. This is one of those times. Read on for the following sliver of extreme stupidity.

World War Z - David Morse Ready to Beat Off the Dead

And the cast of the big screen adaptation of the Max Brooks novel World War Z continues to grow! Who's next in line for active duty? Read on for all of the gory details.

Director Marc Forster Talks Adapting World War Z

Fans of Max Brook's bestselling novel World War Z have more than their fair share of worries when it comes to adapting the book to the big screen. Can director Marc Forster quell at least some of them? Read on!

World War Z - First Footage of a Zombie Attack!

When it comes to zombies infesting Glasgow, Scotland for the upcoming adaptation of World War Z, lots of locals were on hand with cameras, and one such person has caught some pretty chaotic footage! Dig it!

World War Z - Get Your First Look at the Undead

For weeks now we've seen images of flipped over vehicles, Brad Pitt standing around, and various other bits of behind-the-scenes goodies, but we've had no clear look at the undead themselves ... until now.

World War Z - More Zombie Mayhem in Glasgow!

With just under a week of filming left on the schedule in Scotland, more behind-the-scenes images have surfaced for the big screen adaptation of World War Z, and we have some choice ones here for you!

World War Z - New Behind-the-Scenes Stills and Webcam View from Glasgow!

Production of World War Z has moved on to Philadelphia ... well ... not really. More like Glasgow, Scotland, standing in for the city of brotherly love; and we have some stills and even a webcam view of the action for you to dig on!

Make a Date with World War Z

There's lots of stuff floating around regarding World War Z from cast speculation to behind-the-scene images which really don't show you a damned thing. Like you, we're dying for something concrete. Well, that moment has come.

*UPDATE* Bryan Cranston to Be Breaking Bad for World War Z? New Behind-the-Scenes Imagery

There are few actors working in the business today that we respect and admire more than "Breaking Bad"'s Bryan Cranston. This guy can effortlessly deliver chilling at the flip of a switch and has won us over wholeheartedly. The prospect of him killing zombies? Please, lord, make it so!

Game of Thrones Star Elyes Gabel Signs Up for Active Duty in World War Z

Holy shit, guys, Look! Non Comic-Con related news. It's a rare breed nowadays! Just two more days and everything back to normal. Now then, onto some more World War Z casting news!