Won Ton Baby

Won Ton Baby Re-Animated for Stop Motion Mayhem

One flick we've had our eye on for a very long time is James Morgart's delightful, gory, abd really friggin' weird flick Won Ton Baby. If you haven't been keeping up with this one, click on the title in the above taxonomy and do so immediately as it looks nothing short of crazed!

Won Ton Baby: New Behind-the-Scenes Stills, One Sheet, and Trailer

Director James Morgart dropped us a line today to let us know that his really friggin' weird flick Won Ton Baby is two weeks away from wrapping post-production and will then be actively seeking distro! He was also kind enough (or sick enough, not sure which) to hook us up with more stills, the first one-sheet, and even a new teaser trailer.

Exclusive: New Won Ton Baby Behind-the-Scenes Stills

Just got another update on the progress of one of the more ... well ... batshit nuts looking films we've been covering lately from the director himself, James Morgart. The film in question is called simply Won Ton Baby, and if you aren't aware of this little crazed gem yet, then, brother, you're in for one hell of a trip!

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby

Fresh off of the last round of "WTF?!?" type images, director James Morgart has dropped us a line with even more bloody carnage-laden stills to share with you guys from his new flick Won Ton Baby.

Exclusive Pics: Won Ton Baby Rampages Out of Womb!

File this one firmly under WTF?!? Every now and again a film will come along that makes us turn our heads and take notice. Sometimes it's because it looks either dramatically bad or good, and other times it gets our attention if only for how friggin' strangely depraved it seems! Enter James Morgart's Won Ton Baby!