Pacific Rim HeroClix Jaeger and Kaiju Figures Coming in July

More Pacific Rim collectibles are coming our way, and today we have a look at the HeroClix line of Jaeger and Kaiju figures, which will be available beginning July 10th. Check out these two video meet-and-greets, and start drooling now!

HorrorClix Rise from the Grave

Wizkids seemed to JUST be getting things started with their HorrorClix line, having released Aliens vs. Predator, Hellboy and Freddy vs. Jason sets alongside all their original tiny horrors. Sure, the line had been pumping along for some time, but the addition of hardcore licensed baddies opened the possibility that you could pit any character from your favorite horror film against heavyweights like Michael Myers and Pumpkinhead in the not so distant future.

Horrorclix Demise Imminent

Though I don’t fully understand the implications of this announcement, I know what it means to horror fans: The end of Horrorclix is nigh. The Topps Company announced today that it would immediately cease operations of Horrorclix makers WizKids, which is also responsible for the superhero-oriented game Heroclix.

HorrorClix Digest #1

Over the next couple weeks we are going to be taking a closer look into WizKids' world of HorrorClix, the newest spin-off of their HeroClix gaming line. But first, let's get you all acquainted with what the whole Clix thing is about.

Clix Enters The Lab!

The traveling man/toy expert known as Nomad forwarded some new information over to us from the folks at WizKids, Inc., creators of the wildly popular HorrorClix game, with the news that the first expansion for the series is making its way to stores now. Called simply The Lab, this add-on features a total of 96 new miniature monsters to collect from Zombie Astronauts to Pod Creatures and more! You can see some pics from the add-on below, but that’s the tip of the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the cool new minuscule mutations they have to offer.