DVD Releases: 6/15/2010: When The Horseman Meets The Stepfather, Feel the Supernatural Terror Inside

It's a good week for Blu-ray player owners as a batch of old favorites is being re-released on the format including Darkman, The Stepfather (the original), Park Chan-wook's Vengeance Trilogy, and our pick of the week, Supernatural: The Complete First Season.

Top Cow Preview: Witchblade #125

The folks at Top Cow certainly know how to celebrate a milestone. Witchblade, one of the longest-running series in comics, is releasing Issue #125 on March 18th, and it's still going strong! To mark the occasion, they have provided us with a look at all the various covers for Issue #125 along with a four-page preview of what promises to be the biggest Witchblade story ever!

Top Cow Preview: Witchblade #124

The Top Cow maniacs just dropped a preview of Witchblade #124 in our laps, which hits comic stands on Wednesday, February 4th 2009! We’ve got the cover, inside front cover, and a four-page preview all ready for your eyeballs so check ‘em out! What’s going on in the Witchblade universe in the 124th issue? Glad you asked!

Top Cow Preview: Witchblade #123

The fine ladies, gentlemen and ... others ... at Top Cow Comics have offered up a four-page preview of Witchblade #123, which hits shelves on Wednesday, January 14th. For those of you not following along, the story goes a bit like this;

Witchblade #121 Preview!

A Witchblade feature film may be some time off, but at least we still have the comic to keep us busy.

Battlestar Director to Helm Witchblade

Though I’ve yet to see a single episode of “Battlestar Galactica” (ducks), the show is so revered by people whose opinions I respect that I’m sure this is good news for the new Witchblade movie.

RIP Comic Artist Michael Turner

Along with celebrating both our country's and the site's birthdays this weekend, comes some sad news for our readers.

Rymer to Helm Witchblade Adaptation

Remember back in the day when comic book remakes were more dreaded than welcomed: Captain America with his latex ears and Batman & Robin with their nipples or "Biff! Bang! Booms!" We were already burnt once by a live action Witchblade, can someone ... anyone do better?

Witchblade Teases

Well, at least we know the creators of the new Witchblade movie are sticking true to the comic's sexy roots, if this teaser poster is any indication. Since there's been no casting that I've heard to date, I'm guessing the fine female donning the titular gauntlet is just a model, but they sure have the right idea! There's also an official Witchblade site where you can sign up for updates in existence as well. Keep it here for more soon!

Witchblade the Movie?

Ah, God, here we go again. Someone out there wants to bring Witchblade to the big screen, though I really can’t understand the enduring popularity of this comic.

Sexy Witchblade Arrives From Japan!

Yesterday it was Hellsing, and today Organic Hobby sent us word that a new statue based on Uno Makoto's manga version of Top Cow character Witchblade will be released in July. The sexy badass stands 8" tall with two different versions of her blade and a custom base. She'll retail for $50.