William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Takes Over LA's ZJU Theatre Group This Summer

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group in Los Angeles has a busy summer planned, and it includes interpreting two popular plays by William Shakespeare: Hamlet and Macbeth. To be or not to be in attendance? Read on for the details, and then make up your mind!

Stan Lee's Romeo and Juliet: The War Graphic Novel Now Available

It's no secret mash-ups of classic literature and horror/sci-fi themes are all the rage right now, and the latest to jump on the bandwagon is none other than comic legend Stan Lee, whose highly anticipated graphic novel Romeo and Juliet: The War recently hit all major bookstores nationwide.

Hirsch and Hardwicke Turning Hamlet into Horror?

Catherine (Twilight) Hardwicke's and Emile (Milk) Hirsch's names have been linked to another pretty famous "H" -- Hamlet -- and if the statements the director and actor have been making all over the Net recently are true, then we can expect one more "H" to be joining them -- Horror!