Willem Dafoe

Dafoe & Gainsbourg Join Antichrist

Finally, some casting has taken place for Lars Von Trier’s long-gestating Anitchrist, and it’s good enough to make it more than worth the wait. Variety reports that Willem Dafoe (pictured) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (I’m Not There) have signed on for the film.

Dafoe Joins Cirque du Freak

I have to give it to the makers of Cirque du Freak; they sure managed to get an amazing cast to work with. Since the movie, an adaptation of the books by Darren Shan, was announced, names like John C. Reilly and Salma Hayek have jumped on board.

Wenders & DaFoe In the Miso

Famed German auteur Wim Wenders is back at Cannes this year with a thriller called Palermo Shooting, about a photographer who flees his home in Germany and settles into a new life in Italy, which is getting all sorts of early buzz.

First Look at Anamorph Poster, Trailer!

Got the tagline for this baby all worked out: ”The dictionary defines anamorphis as a drawing presenting a distorted image that appears in natural form under certain conditions, as when viewed at a raking angle or reflected from a curved mirror … you will define it as TERROR!” I guess that doesn’t work, since the name of the film is Anamorph, but no one’s really gonna rush home to check it, will they?

The Antichrist to Rise?

Who really created the Earth? Some say God, others blame our existance on science. Personally, I think it all falls on the shoulders of the red bastard, Satan. Obviously Dogville director Lars von Trier feels the same way.

New Daybreakers Info, Pics Surface!

It’s just a vampire kind of world out there today, you know? First 30 Days of Night comes out of the gate screaming to a number one box office spot, now all of a sudden there’s a wealth of new info about The Spierig Brother’s latest, Daybreakers.

Daybreakers Franchise?

While I’m sure the Spierig Brothers Undead follow-up, the futuristic vampire action movie Daybreakers, is going to be pretty damn slick, is it possible it could also be the first of a franchise?

Dafoe Joins Daybreakers

Though we’ve known for a while that Ethan Hawke would be taking a lead role in the Sprierig Brother’s latest film, Daybreakers, today some even cooler casting was revealed.

Neill Breaks Day

Man it sure is taking Lionsgate and/or the Spierig Brothers a long time to get their futuristic vampire flick Daybreakers rolling, but thankfully it’s finally moving forward.

Hawke, Ethan (Daybreakers)

When you think of Ethan Hawke, I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t necessarily a

Dafoe, Willem (Daybreakers)

Daybreakers hit theaters last weekend, and Dread Central was there to take in the newest vampire tale and sit down with the film's creators. Among the pointy-toothed set was Willem Dafoe, who chatted with us a bit about life, undeath, and the pursuit of a world we'd actually survive in.