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Get a Look at Rick Baker's Amazing Effects Work for Men in Black 3

As we said earlier, don't expect heavy coverage for the third film in the Men in Black franchise from us. The flick is fringy at best. However, you cats just HAVE to check this out!

Warner Bros. Moving Forward with Another Installment of I Am Legend

It was back in mid-2011 when we last spoke about another installment of I Am Legend, and at that time director Francis Lawrence was pretty certain a prequel wasn't happening. It seems he was right, but that doesn't mean Warner Bros. has given up completely on the title.

New Men in Black 3 Still Goes Back-to-Back

A new still has slipped online today for the upcoming Men in Black 3, and for you hungry fans out there who need to see everything, we're bringing it to you right here. Check it out.

Men in Black 3 Trailer Ready to Kick E.T.'s Ass

Don't expect heavy coverage for the third film in the Men in Black franchise from us. The flick is fringy at best. However, we'll bring you the bare essentials if you're curious. Next up? The newly released trailer for Barry Sonnenfeld's Men in Black 3.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Men In Black 3 Comes on Strong!

While it isn't exactly within our genre, there were so many cool things in promotion of Men in Black 3 at the San Diego Comic-Con that we just had to sit up and pay attention! Dig it!

Will Smith Puts the Bite On in The Legend of Cain

Oh snap, son! Will Smith is about to get jiggy with a pair of fangs for a new version of an old Bible tale that comes complete with vampires. Seriously. Not making this one up.

Will Smith To Star in Hitchcock Remake, Suspicion

Ever since the remake of Psycho Hollywood has pretty much kept far away from Alfred Hitchcock films in terms of reimaginings. However, The Birds remake is still very much happening, and we can now add the 1941 thriller Suspicion to the list.

Oldboy Remake Not Proceeding After All

Last we heard about the proposed Oldboy redux that was in the capable, but rather incongruous, hands of Steven Spielberg and Will Smith, it was moving forward despite some wrangling over various rights issues. Now, however, it seems to be a dead deal with DreamWorks deciding to walk away from the project completely.

Oldboy Remake Proceeding Despite Legal Confusion

It's been several months since any news has trickled out regarding the planned remake of Oldboy which is in the hands of director Steven Spielberg and actor Will Smith, and now we know why. It's the subject of a complex, behind-the-scenes rights wrangle involving the Japanese publishers of the original manga and the Korean producers of Park Chan-Wook's 2003 cult hit.

Lawrence Talks Legend Prequel

I Am Legend is probably one of the biggest continuing disappointments in Hollywood history; not a single adaptation has come close to capturing the feeling of the Richard Matheson novel it was based on. Now Hollywood’s taking it one step further and prequelizing it, just to make sure moviegoers are never able to take this post-apocalyptic world too seriously.

I Am Legend: Ultimate Collector's Edition (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Will Smith, Alice Braga, Dash Mihok Directed by Francis Lawrence Distributed by Warner Home Video

I Am Legend II Could Be Prequel After All

Collider managed to eke a bit more information out of actor Will Smith recently regarding plans for an upcoming I Am Legend expansion pack.

I Am Legend Sequel Rumors

As if the 2007 revisionist take on Richard Matheson’s classic I Am Legend wasn’t enough, Ain’t it Cool News is reporting what the upcoming prequel/sequel might be about.

I Am Legend Writer Tapped for Oldboy Redux

Most of the fans of the stunning Korean film Oldboy (review) have already shuddered that the planned remake is in the hands of director Steven Spielberg and actor Will Smith; fulfilling this triangle of doom is screenwriter Mark Protosevich, as reported at The Hollywood Reporter.

Warners Moves Forward on I Am Legend Prequel

For reasons perhaps only the gods truly understand, Warner Bros. has begun to speed up the development of the proposed prequel to I Am Legend with Will Smith set to return as scientist Francis Neville and Francis Lawrence back in the director's chair, according to Variety.